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Have you joined NCRA’s Facebook or LinkedIn groups yet?

NCRA maintains a number of social media pages to connect NCRA members and to provide information on other platforms to people seeking information about the professions of court reporting, captioning, scoping, and legal videography. NCRA has also created groups to join; you must have an existing Facebook account and answer all verification questions to gain admittance. If you are already logged in to Facebook, you may click on the links below to go directly to the groups. Search terms have been included if you would like to locate the group from within Facebook.

LinkedIn is another platform NCRA uses to assist in connecting members and aspiring students. Use these search terms and links to request joining an applicable private group on LinkedIn.

Discussion groups and pages maintained by NCRA provide a place for members to have professional discussions on a variety of topics that affect them and their day-to-day work lives. By monitoring the discussions, staff can also get insight into the types of concerns that court reporters, captioners, scopists, and legal videographers face in their personal and professional lives and use that knowledge to provide additional services or content that would benefit the membership. Read more about NCRA’s social media policies and other platforms here.