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Upcoming live webinar events in the NCRA Learning Center for November and December

Prepare for a series of unmissable upcoming webinars exclusively in the NCRA Learning Center! These dynamic events are designed to adjust your mindset and help you become a more prosperous court reporter. Explore a wide range of subjects from maximizing your practicing strategies as a student to tax strategies for your business and even time management. These webinars promise to be a source of inspiration and valuable insights.

Making Practice a Priority – Nov. 8, 7 p.m. Eastern

Free for NCRA Members – $10 for Non-members. Total CEU: 0.0

Join NCRA for a webinar geared toward students presented by Bethany Morse, RSR; Chris DeGrazio; Amanda Doherty; and moderated by Amie First, RDR, CRR, CRC, CPE. Students, are you telling yourself, “I just don’t have time for practice?”  Well … make time to attend this excuse-busting webinar!  Our panel will give you practical time management guidance for daily steno practice.  (Like you, these new professionals are also practicing for certification testing.)  Do you feel overwhelmed trying to be perfect at everything all at once:  briefs, speed, and accuracy?  We will discuss daily practice techniques from theory to 225 that will fit in the limited hours of each day.   Topics will include unplugging strategies, using practice groups, and managing it all with work and family obligations. We will also tackle strategies for using a daily planner.

Tax Strategies for your Business – Nov. 15, 1 p.m. Eastern

Total CEU 0.1

Learn accounting “best practices” and tax strategies to better understand your business, stay in compliance, and maximize tax savings from CPA Michelle Graham. “Business owners are bombarded with tax and accounting advice — social media, friends, family, colleagues — but relying on bad information can be costly,” says Graham. “I’ll break down what you need to know to maximize your tax savings and organize your records.”  

No Present Like the Time:  How to Manage Time As A Busy Court Reporter – Dec. 6, 10 a.m. Eastern

Total CEU 0.1

This live webinar presented by Jennifer Wielage, CCR, RPR, CRR, Certified Life Coach, will help attendees become aware of their mindset about their schedule and time, take a look at how they’re spending their time now versus how they want to spend their time, learn the basics of the SWAP (Simple Week Ahead Plan), and swap out “chaos for calm” by learning how to implement a unique system of calendaring. 

The Learning Center gives 30 days from the live webinar to complete all required elements. Live webinars are recorded for those unable to attend live.