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NCRA’s Membership, Marketing, and Outreach Committee invites everyone to celebrate

The members of NCRA’s Membership, Marketing, and Outreach Committee (MMO) are inviting everyone to celebrate 2024 Court Reporting & Captioning Week with them by participating in a social media campaign that includes an idea to share each day of the week. The week-long event is taking place Feb. 3-10.

“The Membership, Marketing, and Outreach Committee is so excited about the upcoming 2024 Court Reporting & Captioning Week because it not only provides the potential for an international platform to spread awareness about the stenographic profession, but also this year we are celebrating the 125th Anniversary of our national association,” said Denee Vadell, RPR, a court reporter and captioner from Edison, N.J., and chair of the MMO Committee.

To kick off the campaign, the MMO Committee will post a video compilation on Feb. 3 of members sharing why they are grateful for stenography and ask others to also post a short video and answer the question: “Why are you grateful for stenography?” Be sure to use the hashtags #spreadstenoseries and #CRCW2024.

Below are suggestions for the remainder of the week.

Feb. 4 – Self-Care Sunday: Post a picture or video of your favorite self-care activity and tag us at #CRCW2024.

CRCW Self Care Sunday

Feb. 5 – Monday Motivation: Tag a mentor or motivator from the steno community and give them flowers. Be sure to tag us at #CRCW2024.

CRCW Monday Motivation

Feb. 6 – Steno Machine Selfie: Share a photo of your steno machine and workspace/practice space. Does your machine have a name? How many keys does it have? What is the speed requirement? Tag us and use the hashtags #CRCW2024 and #modernstenomovement. 

CRCW Steno Machine Selfie

Feb. 7 – Share the most outrageous thing that happened while on the job or in court reporting school. Tag us and use the hashtag #CRCW2024. 

CRCW Outrageous

Feb. 8 – Day in the Life: Post a picture or video showcasing a day in your life as a court reporter, captioner, or steno student. Tag us and use the hashtag #CRCW2024. 

CRCW Day in the Life

Feb. 9 – Flashback Friday: Post a pic of yourself in court reporting school and tell us your favorite memory and/or how you broke through speed barriers. Tag us and use the hashtag #CRCW2024. 

CRCW Flashback Friday

Feb. 10 – Steno Student Saturday: Today is all about encouraging our steno students. Post a positive quote about not giving up and tag us. Use the hashtag #CRCW2024. 

CRCW Steno Student Saturday

“We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to carve out time to participate in everything we may want to, so the committee decided to help assist court reporters, captioners, and steno students everywhere by offering up some easy ways to celebrate via social media. By everyone participating in this campaign as well as any other activities they may have planned, we are confident our profession will be introduced to the masses,” added Vadell, who also serves on NCRA’s Brand Ambassadors Committee.