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Vote “Yes” on the NCRA proposed dues adjustment

By Cathy Penniston

Dear NCRA Members,

As your NCRA Secretary-Treasurer, I am writing to ask you to support the $50 dues adjustment on August 1.

It is difficult to serve as NCRA Secretary-Treasurer and work with a budget that was approved by the membership in 2019 and became effective in 2020. A $50 dues adjustment amounts to just 13.7 cents per day per professional member. The NCRA Board has listened to the membership. We are not proposing any dues adjustment for our students. The chart of the NCRA Membership Dues Adjustment Proposal is below.

Dues adjustment key

We have bills to pay, and our costs increase every year. Just like our personal budgets, the NCRA budget needs to be adjusted for inflation. Both the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors have determined that a dues adjustment is necessary to offer new and improved services to our members. An item that cost $1 in 2019 now costs $1.21 or more.

Just 13.7 cents per day from each member will have an important impact on the future of NCRA and our profession.

Together we can ensure the future of our profession. Please help us by voting “yes” to a dues adjustment.

Voting on the 2025 dues adjustment proposal will begin within two hours of the conclusion of the Annual Business Meeting taking place on Aug. 1 in conjunction with the 2024 NCRA Conference & Expo. Learn more about the proposal.

We hope to see you all in Louisville at the NCRA Conference & Expo as we celebrate our great profession.

 Cathy Penniston, RPR, CRI, serves as NCRA Secretary-Treasurer. She can be reached at