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Out of many, one: Now is the time for the members to unite for NCRA and vote yes

As the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) marks its quasquicentennial, it is important to note how both the Association itself and the respective career fields it has represented during this time have remained effective through the active participation and dedication of our members. This collective effort not only ensures NCRA’s sustainability in a fiscal sense, but also contributes to its ability to make tough yet right decisions, a tradition that has been upheld for 125 years and counting.

Active members are the lifeblood of any association whether it be large or small. They contribute to the association’s growth and success by participating in decision-making processes, sharing their expertise, and engaging in advocacy that aligns with the association’s objectives. This involvement is essential for an organization like NCRA to remain both relevant and responsive to the needs of its members and the broader community it serves.

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Making tough but necessary decisions is a hallmark of effective leadership and governance. This is especially true for NCRA throughout its 125 years. The Association and its members have faced numerous challenges and changes, particularly since the implementation of the previous dues adjustment was put in place in January of 2020. Making difficult decisions certainly feels like a recurring theme in the time since, but each one has been necessary to navigate the unprecedented time in which we are living, whether it is changing organizational structure, adapting to technological advancements, or responding to any type of change for that matter.

The ability to make these tough decisions is a testament to NCRA as well as its members’ resilience and commitment to the court reporting, professional captioning, and legal videography communities.

Moreover, active members play a crucial role in the decision-making process. Their diverse perspectives and expertise help inform NCRA’s leaders as they navigate complex issues and make difficult choices, which is why, when the Association’s Board of Directors introduced the dues adjustment this year, it was a difficult but necessary decision. The financial picture of NCRA has changed drastically since the dues adjustment was approved in 2019.

The active participation of NCRA’s members and the tradition of making tough but right decisions are integral to the success and longevity of the Association. These factors ensure that NCRA doesn’t just remain relevant, responsive, and effective in fulfilling its mission, but also in continuing to service its members and the court reporting, professional captioning, and legal videography communities as it has for the last 125 years.

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Find more information on the 2025 dues adjustment proposal

Voting on the 2025 dues adjustment proposal will begin within two hours of the Annual Business Meeting taking place on Aug. 1 in conjunction with the 2024 NCRA Conference & Expo. Learn more about the proposal.

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