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In your Association: NCRF- Get to know us

National Court Reporters FoundationMaybe you’re like I was a few years ago: Familiar enough with the National Court Reporters Foundation to know it did good things — isn’t that what foundations do? — but not quite familiar enough to be able to list three reasons why I was an Angel, which is a donor who supports the Foundation with an annual donation of at least $1,000.

Or maybe you’re someone who has heard the acronym NCRF but never really knew what it was all about and, therefore, never felt particularly compelled to support it with your time or resources.

Well, either way, I’m here to deliver a message: Your Foundation wants to be your new best friend!

Like best friendships, reciprocity is always a cornerstone. Any one-way street usually dead-ends at some point. But relationships where you both give and get back seem to be the most rewarding.

In a nutshell, here’s what there is to love about your Foundation:

NCRF supports students and new professionals. We’ve all been there, and it goes without saying that the scholarships, grants, and complimentary NCRA memberships provided by NCRF are credibly needed and appreciated by the future of our profession: court reporting students.

The Veterans History Project and the Legal Education Program are two NCRF initiatives that stand on their own in terms of the value they add to our communities. But the extra value they add to NCRA members through the awesome marketing opportunities they create is definitely underestimated and underleveraged. Also, did I mention you can obtain free PDCs by participating in these programs?

Each year, through the Santo J. Aurelio Award for Altruism, NCRF recognizes and honors one outstanding court reporter at the Annual Awards Luncheon at convention whose altruism throughout his or her service to our profession has been extraordinary and exemplary. Always powerful and moving.

And hot off the press: As a result of a recent strategic planning session NCRF is creating new and exciting tools and initiatives for court reporters to use not only in marketing themselves and their firms but also in touting the profession as a whole.

As you can see, NCRF creates and supports projects and programs that support court reporters, our profession, and our communities. Pretty noble work, right? What’s not to love? And it is all made possible by the financial support of NCRA members and other generous donors. So, here’s to the engagement of every member with NCRF and to a long and prosperous relationship rooted in mutual support.