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Promoting realtime at the Court Technology Conference

NCRA has participated in all 13 of the National Center for State Courts’ Court Technology Conferences. This year, the event, which gives court and legal experts the opportunity to see and hear about the latest technology, was held in October 2013, in Baltimore, Md. NCRA partnered with YesLaw in a booth that explained to administrators, judges, and law experts the benefits of a court reporter providing a realtime record in court proceedings.

Nativa Wood, RDR, CMRS, chaired NCRA’s CTC Planning Committee, and worked with members Sarah Nageotte, RDR, CRR, CBC, Chris Willette, RDR, CRR, CCP, Steve Zinone, RPR, and Bri­an Clune of YesLaw. They developed a brochure and other handouts about the benefits of realtime for CTC attendees to take and worked in the booth along with ­NCRA’s Executive Director and CEO Jim Cudahy, CAE, NCRF’s Deputy Executive Director B.J. Shorak, and NCRA’s Direc­tor of Membership and Marketing Sara L. Wood, CAE, to answer attendees’ ques­tions. Local reporters from Gore Brothers Reporting & Videoconferencing, Christine Gonzales, RPR, Linda Lindsey, and Susan Wootton, RPR, demonstrated realtime, and Stenograph donated a Disco Diaman­te for the occasion.

“The judges and administrators were in­credibly receptive and supportive of real­time reporting during CTC, and we were pleased to have a great team of reporters in Baltimore to speak about the benefits of realtime reporting,” says Wood.

NCRA plans on being at the next biannual Court Technology Conference event in 2015 to continue to showcase the value of the stenographic court reporter.