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TechCon Today: 90 killer apps in 90 minutes

Joe Cerda, CLVS, leads 90 apps in 90 minutes.
Joe Cerda, CLVS, leads 90 killer apps in 90 minutes.

Attendees at today’s TechCon meeting in Atlanta were treated to a fast-paced and entertaining session presented by Kevin Daniel, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, from Las Vegas, Nev., and Joe Cerda, CLVS, from Dallas, Texas, that covered a wide variety of apps both fun and applicable to the court reporting and captioning profession. Among those reviewed included Visual Thesaurus, which allows users to type in a word and generate a list of words that connect to the search word. The app even color codes the words based on their use (i.e. noun, verb, adjective) in the English language. Other apps reviewed include Been Verified, which locates personal info on individuals, and iTunes U, which provides a free library of college-level podcasts covering an array of topics.

Watch next week’s JCR Weekly and upcoming issues of the JCR to read more about sessions at TechCon 2014.