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TechCon Today: Beyond deposition video

CLVSs are discovering a new world of ancillary video services beyond the traditional legal arena. NCRA members Don Cely, CLVS, from Greenville, S.C., and Steve Crandall, JD, CLVS, from Seattle, Wash., presented a session at NCRA’s TechCon that explored some of the latest avenues where video services are being tapped, including video wills, site surveys, accident reconstruction for animation purposes, asset inventory, and corporate videos. The session also covered tips to ensure that the making of day-in-the-life videos, which are increasingly being used in injury-related cases, take into consideration the dignity of the patient and caregiver who might be videotaped, the use of natural sound and light, and working closely with the hiring attorney to make certain that what the video reflects is accurate.

Watch next week’s JCR Weekly and upcoming issues of the JCR to read more about sessions at TechCon 2014.