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Captioning advocacy group offers funds for captioning of two live events

The Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning announced two new Captioning Advocacy Projects for 2015. For the two projects, CCAC will pay for up to three hours of live captioning. The first is for eligible official nonprofit organizations. The second is for any large national or international conference. Both exclude meetings of people with hearing loss, deafness, or disability groups that are already accessible.

CCAC’s goal is to educate and reach many new audiences through this offer and to encourage more events to provide greater inclusion by providing captioning. According to the organization’s president, Lauren E. Storck, “One in five people has a hearing loss or deafness, and live speech-to-text is our language. CCAC is pleased to offer this new advocacy project as a way to address the need for education and inclusion of live captioning.”

CCAC is a nonprofit volunteer organization with more than 800 members where consumers, providers, and others work together to advocate for the CCAC mission: “inclusion of quality captioning universally.” It is not a captioning provider and does not sell services.

Click here for details on how to apply for project funds. Project One is for eligible non-profit events. Project Two is for larger national and international conferences. Email