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Sign up for the New York state civil service test to be qualified for court reporting employment opportunities

The New York State Office of Court Administration is offering state-wide civil service tests for two different levels of court reporters. The lower court reporter test’s sign-up or filing period is Feb. 5 to March 11, and the test will be given on April 25.  The New York Supreme Court test’s filing period is March 19 to April 22, and that test will be given on June 13.

“Both of these tests create civil service lists that are used for a period of three to four years, so it is imperative to get on the list for employment if you are interested in working in the New York court system,” says Stephen A. Zinone, RPR, NCRA’s President-elect and an official working at the Ontario County Courthouse in New York.

Learn more about the court reporter and senior court reporter job descriptions from past examination postings.

Register for the exam here.