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REALTIME SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR: Testing made easier with addition of WiFi option

Ginger Brooks, RPR, CRR, a freelancer and agency owner based in Jackson, Miss., signed up for NCRA’s Realtime Systems Administrator Program and earned her certificate by creating a WiFi connection to the iPad for the realtime feed. Brooks was the first person to earn the RSA using a WiFi connection, which was introduced at the 2015 NCRA TechCon. “The introduction of this connection option will actually make the test easier as there are fewer problems to troubleshoot with an iPad,” said Brooks.

Brooks offered the following insights in the Realtime Systems Administrator program and test.

JCR: Why did you decide to take the RSA workshop and test?

GB: I believe that certifications speak volumes when prospective clients are in need of realtime reporters. It sets you apart from others in the field and instills a degree of confidence in the client that they will have what they need when they arrive at the deposition.

JCR: What did you expect from the workshop, and did you get that experience?

GB: I always enjoy attending NCRA-sponsored workshops as I am exposed to other reporters with different experiences and knowledge. I always take something away with me that is beneficial. The Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop did not disappoint. We had two very knowledgeable instructors in James Woitalla, RDR, CRI, and Keith Lemons, RPR, CRR. I have been offering realtime in the deposition setting since 1989, but I still found the information they presented very useful. So, no matter if you’re just beginning to offer realtime services or have been doing it for a while, you will leave with helpful information.

JCR: What was the test experience like for you?

GB: It’s different from other tests I have taken in that someone is standing over your shoulder watching everything you do. It’s their job to set traps that make you work for successful connections. I think as tests go that it was much less stressful than other tests I’ve taken.

JCR: Why would you recommend the Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop and Test to others?

GB: It’s always nice to be current on the services that you offer to your clients. If you’re new to connecting clients to realtime, this workshop will teach you how to deal with all the problems that you may encounter on the job. If you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s a great refresher course.

JCR: What advice would you offer to those taking the test?

GB: Go in with a strategy and stick with it. Assess the table thoroughly before you start the test. Be sure to download the receive programs that are sent out in the email that you receive so that you will be familiar with them before the test. Do not hesitate to actively participate in the workshop. If you have questions, ask them.

The next opportunity to participate in NCRA’s Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop is during NCRA’s Convention & Expo in New York City. The Workshop will be held July 30-31, with the opportunity to schedule times for the test during the afternoon on July 31. See for more information.