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Trial Presentation certificate program goes online

NCRA’s online Trial Presentation Certificate Program offers the same information that was developed by experts in the field. The program includes a two-step process consisting of reviewing lectures by Tim Piganelli, Diarmuid Truax, Joe Cerda, CLVS, and Steve Crandall, CLVS, followed by a practical assessment of the candidate’s ability to perform the duties of a Trial Presentation Professional. The nine lecture sessions are eight hours total in length and all together have been approved for 0.8 CEU. Candidates who wish to earn the certificate must then pass an exam with 70 percent or better.

As courtrooms adopt new technologies, IT professionals, courtroom personnel, and trial presenters can find a wide range of equipment available in each new situation. Being organized and knowing how to work both old and new systems are the two best strategies.

The Trial Presentation Certificate Program will enable the trial presenter to stay at the top of his or her game by recognizing what to present and how to present it.  Experience in trial presentation and familiarity with trial presentation software is a plus for this program but certainly not a requirement.

To learn more about the Trial Presentation Professional Program, click here.