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The state of law considered in a number of articles

Photo by: DES Daughter

The fortunes of court reporters are closely linked to their primary customer: lawyers. So it’s important to consider think pieces about the current and future state of law firms to better prepare court reporters to follow – or, in some cases, lead – the technological changes that are coming in the future.

Robin Nodland, RDR, CRR, of Portland, Ore., a member of NCRA’s Technology Committee, recommended The Atlantic article, “Why Are So Many Law Firms Trapped in 1995?” Read more.

On LinkedIn, Jeff Hodge considered what law firms will look like in five to 10 years. Hodge suggests that disruptive technology will play a major role in the changes to come. Read more.

Circulating through several discussion lists was this article on evidentiary hearings by lawyer Jeanne Coleman. Coleman believes that court reporters play a key role in every litigation proceeding to provide a clear written record. Read more.