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Why you should nominate someone for distinguished service

By Sandy Bunch VanderPol

Dear colleagues: Please take a moment to reflect upon your experiences as a court reporter or captioner. Is there any colleague who has made a lasting impression upon you, whether it be in presenting seminars, writing articles, volunteering for state and/or national committee work, serving as a board member? Has this individual gone above and beyond to make a difference in our profession? If so, please consider nominating this person for NCRA’s Distinguished Service Award. You can quickly fill out the necessary information needed to nominate this person.

In 2015, at the NCRA Convention & Expo in New York City, I was humbled that I had been nominated and had been chosen to receive the DSA. This award was such an honor, and I will always remember the ceremony and the many emotions that passed over me when my name was called. I tell you this because I want each of you to take the time to reflect upon what this award means to the recipient, nominate a person you consider worthy, and be proud that you have been a part of this process.

Sandy VanderPol, RMR, CRR, is a freelancer in Lotus, Calif. She also holds NCRA’s Realtime Systems Administrator credential. She can be reached at

More information on this year’s Distinguished Service Award nominations.