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One-time offer in honor of Celebrate Certification Month

Online Skills Tests

In honor of NCRA’s first Celebrate Certification Month being observed in May, the cost for students and members to take the online Skills Tests for the RPR, RMR, CRR, or CRC has been reduced.

The discounts are valid only from May 2 through May 16. Students taking the

NCRA Store

Additional weekly specials can be found in the NCRA Store during Celebrate Certification Month. During the first week of May, NCRA’s RPR Study Guide is 20 percent off. Other discounts include:

  • May 8-14 – 10% off P-336 Deposition Handbook
  • May 15-21 – 20% off all downloads
  • May 22-28 – 10% off entire store
  • May 29-31 – 10% off P-133 Morson’s Guide
Webinars and E-seminars

NCRA has also lowered the prices on its webinars and e-seminars, which members can take advantage of during Celebrate Certification Month. For a 60-minute webinar or e-seminar, NCRA members now pay $55 compared to a nonmember price of $79. In addition, the price for a 90-minute webinar or e-seminar has been lowered to $75 for NCRA members. Nonmembers pay $99 for the same 90-minute products.

Find out more about NCRA’s webinars and e-seminars and be sure to visit the Celebrate Certification Month page for resources you can use to mark the month-long campaign.