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10 sessions to attend at the NCRA 2019 Convention & Expo

Haven’t registered yet? You still have time! Online registration is open through July 31.

If you’re already planning to attend the NCRA 2019 Convention & Expo this Aug. 15-18 in Denver, Colo., you are in for a treat! We have a great time planned for all. The schedule has many opportunities for reconnecting with old friends and building your network with new ones, as well as many great learning opportunities.

How Voice Writing Technology Works: Dispelling Myths and Explaining Facts
Tori Pittman, FAPR, RDR, CRI

“Voice writers use CAT software and produce transcripts in much the same way a steno writer does, just with a different input method,” says Tori Pittman, a freelance court reporter and agency owner based in Wake Forest, N.C., who has learned both steno machine and voice reporting systems. “They use macros and briefs and write realtime – and they have the same struggles a machine writer has when dealing with quiet speakers, interruptions, and overtalking. We’ll also discuss the certifications that voice writers may strive for and their general equivalence to steno certifications.

“What I would like my steno colleagues to come away with is an understanding that a voice writing court reporter is also a guardian of the record, performing the same function with a different input method, and that they can be an ally and not an adversary in the preservation of the record,” says Pittman.

Remote Reporting: In a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Judith Lehman, RMR, CRI

“Courts all across the United States are experiencing shortages – sometimes severe – in covering their courts of record,” says Judith Lehman, RMR, CRI, who works with RevoText. “I’ll talk about how the company I work with pairs court reporting talent and skills with cutting-edge technology to offer those courts the services they need – with no transcript backlog issues and no management difficulties, by harnessing efficiency, teamwork, and making time work for everyone.”

Knowledge at the Threshold of Reporting
Dominick Tursi and Joshua B. Edwards, RDR, CRR

“With today’s reporting shortage, it’s important that court reporting program graduates and novice reporters be immediately productive as they cross the threshold into their new career,” says Dom Tursi, an official court reporter who will be presenting a session with Joshua Edwards, RDR, CRR, a court reporter and captioner based in New York, N.Y. “We will be offering real-world knowledge to advanced students and new reporters and giving advice on what to expect on the job. We hope that this will create confidence and immediate employment value. We’ll cover depositions and transcripts, understanding court and captioning, defining colloquy, elements of reporting, and professionalism.”

Roundtable Discussion with Educators & Firm Owners
Kelly Moranz, CRI, and Darlene Williams, RPR, CMRS

“I’m looking forward to the roundtable discussion for educators and firm owners this year at convention,” says Kelly Moranz, CRI, a court reporting instructor in Parma, Ohio, who will be co-hosting the session with Darlene Williams, RPR, CMRS, a freelance court reporter based in New Castle, Del. “Getting educators and firm owners to work together will be essential. 

“We have two goals of this session,” adds Moranz. “First, for the firm owners to inform the educators on their experiences and needs when onboarding new reporters. Second, from the perspective of educators, this is an opportunity to share the program’s best practices and efforts to insure a positive transition from student to reporter.”

How to Teach an NCRA A to Z™ Program
Carolyn Ruiz Coronado, RPR

“If you’ve been worried about how to help our profession right now, I would love for you to come to a session to learn about NCRA’s A to Z Intro to Steno Machine Shorthand program,” says Carolyn Ruiz Coronado, RPR, an official based in Houston, Texas. “This program has made it easy to show someone the basics of shorthand, and during my session, I’ll share the tools and strategies available, as well as tips to help you and your local court reporters create a successful program. The shortage is real and making our work life difficult. NCRA has made it easy for us to help others to try steno for free. Tell your friends you refuse to sit on the sidelines any longer and bring them to this session with you!”

Coaching Callie’s Climb, the Role of Professionals in the Internship Experience
Tambria (Tammy) Kelly, RPR, CRR; Jennifer Sati, RMR, CRR, CRC, CRI; and Callie Sajdera

“Have you ever wanted to mentor, coach, and encourage new professionals or students who intern with you?” asks Jennifer Sati, RMR, CRR, CRC, CRI, a broadcast captioner and court reporting instructor in Dayton, Minn. “It is such an important job to help our newbies successfully transition from school to the workplace, and we put together this session to help you make that happen.”

In this session involving real-life experience, you can witness the evolving roles of both student and professional, from the teaching process to internship and eventually moving into the workforce. 

 “If we genuinely want court reporters to be successful in our field, we must coach and mentor them to the best of our ability so that the future is secure,” adds Tammy Kelley, RPR, CRR, an official court reporter based in Denver, Colo., who will co-host the session with Sati and Callie Sajdera. “The newest reporters are the seeds we nurture today so that we have a thriving harvest of court reporting professionals in our future.”

A Guide to Social Media for Post-Millennials: What to Post, How to Post, Why to Post; including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr
Lauren Lawrence, RPR, and Matthew Moss, RPR

“We’ll be sharing our approach to social media as a means of raising awarenesss of and advocating for our profession, some benefits and pitfalls to navigate, and offering a framework of principles for engaging successfully online,” says Matt Moss, RPR, of Denver, Colo., of the presentation he has collaborated on with Lauren Lawrence, RPR, of Kansas City, Mo. Check out the latest in online marketing techniques from these two up-and-comers in the business.

Cyber Security Incidents and Cases: Protect Your Data!
Matt Gonzalez, Ph.D.

NCRA is excited to have cyber security expert Matt Gonzalez, Ph.D., presenting at Convention. During his session, Gonzalez will explore our growing dependence on technology and refresh you on the latest in cyber security. “Your online presence is a responsibility, requiring awareness, compliance, and vigilance of your data,” says Gonzalez. “I’ll be sharing ways that you can keep yourself safe online, help you figure out who to trust, and what you can do to keep your data protected.”

There Is an Easier Way to Write That!
Johnny Jay Jackson

“I will be presenting regarding what I have learned the last two years in creating a new ‘light’ theory to teach my daughter, a Millennial,” says Johnny Jackson, founder of Stenovations. Jackson has been developing outlines for his daughter that lighten the burden on the reporter and shifts it to software.

 “I have created new training methods and software to facilitate learning steno, as well as thousands of lessons. Most of the seminar time will be spent sharing new concepts of developing steno outlines that are intuitive to write and easy to remember,” says Jackson. “No matter how knowledgeable or skilled a reporter, student or teacher, I believe those attending will learn a great deal — as I have, due to the thousands of hours I have put into this endeavor over the last two and a half years.”

When Life Gives You Lemons
Kristi Johnson

Let Kristi Johnson, a freelance court reporter from Rancho St. Margarita, Calif., share her journey from a near-death, life-changing incident to a successful court reporter and mother. “Coming back to school after the accident, I knew I had to make it as a court reporter, not just for myself, but for my son,” Johnson says. “Keeping a positive attitude was key, as was learning what I could control and what I couldn’t.” Her determination will inspire you no matter where you are in your life.

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