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Student webinar success

By Joshua B. Edwards, RDR, CRR

On Aug. 25, the New York State Court Reporting Association held its first-ever student webinar. 

More than 60 students joined from Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, as well as Canada and the UK. 

Speakers included:

Nancy Silberger, NYSCRA President, Supreme Court Reporter;

Joshua Edwards, NYSCRA President-elect, CART captioner;

Harriet Brenner-Gettleman, NYSCRA Past President, owner, The Realtime Center for Learning;

Dominick Tursi, NYSCRA Past President, Official Federal Court Reporter;

Karen Santucci, Director of the Court Reporting Program at Plaza College;

Christopher Day, Supreme Court Reporter, author of;

Adam Alweis, Chief Reporter, NYS Supreme Court;

Howie Gresh, Supreme Court Reporter, Reporting Instructor;

Diane Salters, Supreme Court Reporter; and

Susan Marrone, owner, Emerald-Associated Reporters, Inc.

Topics discussed included best way to learn theory and build speed, the importance of reading back one’s practice takes, overcoming nerves on test days, the importance of the transcript as the court reporter’s work product upon which one’s reputation is based, professionalism on the job, and the value of having a mentor.  The session ended with an offer to send a list of the most frequently used “small” words in the English language.  Several student participants wrote afterward expressing appreciation for that resource, as well as for the webinar being held.