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New member wins NCRA Connect Virtual 2020 registration

Pamela Sadler

Pamela Sadler is a new NCRA member who was selected as the winner of a free registration to NCRA Connect Virtual 2020.

Sadler is a freelancer in Gillsville, Ga., and she has been working for nine months.

“I want to start by saying thank you,” Sadler said. “I have always loved the law and courtroom procedure. I am very intrigued with the way the law works. I love court shows, any medical shows, and any shows dealing with forensics.”

About her decision to join NCRA, Sadler said: “I have to say what really got my attention about becoming a member of NCRA was the ability to test from home. Knowing I don’t have to travel or reserve a room for testing is great and all the wonderful benefits members are entitled to.”

Sadler attended Brown College of Court Reporting in Atlanta, Ga.

“Being a working court reporter is totally different than being in school,” she said. “Even though school prepares you for a lot of it, there is nothing like real life. If there is any advice I can tell new court reporters, it would be never give up and continue mastering your craft.”

Sadler said the upcoming virtual conference will be her first NCRA conference, and she is looking forward to everything about it.