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Thank you to everyone who celebrated!

Debbie Dibble

What a week it was!  2022 Court Reporting & Captioning Week was unfreakingbelievable and off the charts every single day with activities praising and promoting the profession across the country. There weren’t just state proclamations, but also town halls, student outreach, photo opportunities with judges and legislators signing declarations of support, webinars and seminars, attorney and judge education events, career days, and more.

And let’s not forget the Smithsonian Transcription Center Freedmen’s Bureau Transcribe-a-Thon, the many news articles, seminars such as the innovation and disruption workshop with Dr. Erika Jacobi, dialect training with CulturePoint, and a never-ending stream of personal stories being shared by reporters and captioners about their lifelong love of the profession.  Be sure to take a look at the wrap-up collage created by NCRA member Chris DeGrazio, a freelance court reporter from Fort Pierce, Fla., that was posted on NCRA’s Facebook page. (And make sure to check out the ampersand in it. It’s epic, just sayin’.)

Throughout the week we were everywhere, every day, showcasing our profession and the value we add by recording history accurately, in a timely manner, and for all eternity through certified court reporting and captioning. To each of you who stepped up throughout the week creating content, participating, supporting, and being present, you have made me proud … you have made us all proud. 

Thank you for all that you do! But remember, our job is not done. There is much to do; so keep up the good work, never give up, never slow down, continue representing every day as you do your jobs with expertise and competence, and shine like the brilliant stars that you are! We are NCRA strong!