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Fear … Let it Go!

Max Curry, RPR, CRI, brought his energy and enthusiasm again to his popular session at the 2022 NCRA Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fla., Fear … Let it Go! A packed house was there to soak up Curry’s confidence and learn from his decades in the business.

“Fear is the death of hopes and dreams,” said Curry. “It is the great demoralizer and the paralysis that prevents positive changes and events from happening in life.” Curry began the session by telling a story from his first job as a young deposition reporter fresh out of school. He was confident, capable, and precise. He was also, by his own admission and everyone else’s, an impeccable dresser.

Curry came back from an assignment one day – one he was sure he had nailed – and his boss and mentor called him into her office. “How do you think the job went?” she asked. “Great,” he said. “I did everything right.” But she had received feedback from the client that Curry never looked him in the eye, hadn’t interacted with him, hadn’t made a connection.

Curry shared with the group, probably to the surprise of those who know him, that he is a natural introvert, usually a bit shy. He had to learn to grow into the character of a court reporter, to “play the part.” Over the years Curry has grown into that part. “Change happens in the uncomfortable places,” Curry told the audience. We need to challenge ourselves and challenge our expectations.

“Overcoming your fear opens you up to a life of abundance,” Curry said. “I still love my job after 33 years. How many people can say that?”