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Facebook pages for student support

By Debbie Kriegshauser

As reporting students, we all have/had so many questions spinning in our heads. There are Facebook pages you might be interested in joining. Many of the forums have interesting threads that just might answer that question you’ve been pondering forever. Maybe you’ll even pick up a great tip or two. Maybe you’ll discover some great steno briefs to utilize during your speedbuilding. We all know those briefs increase our speed!

Check out these sites and join the ones you’re interested in.

Encouraging Court Reporting Students – This is a great website to gain some fellow encouragement from other students as well as working reporters. Many reporters are members as well and tend to jump in with answers to many of the questions.

Plants for Stenographers and the nonsteno contingent – Okay, you can’t practice all the time!  May as well enjoy some good plant ideas.

CR Travel Talk – Need ideas on traveling? Get some great advice from working reporters.

StenoLife – A lot of general topics discussed.

Stenographers Leveling Up with Certifications – Website encouraging gaining certifications.

WORD PWOUPBD TKREUS – Word boundary issues that reporters have encountered and sometimes suggestions offered to fix them. You might see a laugh or two on this page.

Confessions of a Stenographer – This site is run by Shaunise Day and provides interviews with working reporters that are great to listen to as well as steno write. This is a great one!

Court Reporters – New Professionals & Veterans – There are hilarious postings on this site. I’m not 100 percent positive whether students can join.

Kimi’s Court Reporter Thrift Shop – You can find some wonderful used equipment here!

Steno Briefs for Court Reporters – A gold mine of briefs!

Debbie Kriegshauser, FAPR, RMR, CRR, CRC, CLVS is an official court reporter in Dallas, Texas. She can be reached at