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The student Conference experience

By Catalina Chiang Yuri

For the speedbuilding student, there is nothing better than a little Conference magic. You will find that professionals and students alike are eager to help you, encourage you, and propel you forward.

This was my second national Conference and it was really exciting to see so many new professionals as presenters. Chandler Alvino [RPR] and Alex Lederer [RPR] provided great insight into the transition from student to working reporter. Erica Wofford [RPR] is a powerhouse! I left her session with so many notes to incorporate into my own routine and beyond.

It was really beautiful to see the power of community-building in real time. Denee Vadell [RPR], Allie Hall [RDR, CRR], and Marc Greenberg [CRI] provided the motivational content that gets me through my daily routines. It was so great to see them in person. The greeters at the sessions did an excellent job of creating a sense of belonging for all. Cindy Bowden [RDR] and Roberta Turner [RPR] uplifted every individual at their session about managing your time and stress.

It was also my great honor to present on behalf of the NCRA Student/Teacher Committee in a session geared towards helping teachers bridge the gap with students in an online setting. I learned so much from my fellow panelists, my committee, and from those who attended. I encourage students to get involved in any way you can. Your voice and your experience as a student are so valuable and help NCRA to better serve our community.

I was very fortunate to have won a free registration with SimplySteno and to have my accommodations sponsored. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Catalina Chiang Yuri is a SimplySteno student based in Orlando, Fla. She plans to work in CART/Captioning. She can be reached at