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September early renewer wins big

Cindy LaRosa

Cindy LaRosa, RPR, CRI, an official from Cleveland, Ohio, is the winner of a $300 Amazon gift card from NCRA for renewing her membership in the month of September. LaRosa says she renewed early so that she could get it done and forget about it, especially since things get so hectic around the holidays.

LaRosa first learned about court reporting when she was attending Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio and was looking at several different programs. “I found throughout my career I am constantly learning new things, also wearing many hats, and my job at the courthouse is never mundane,” she says. She was also drawn to a career that offered the flexibility of working anywhere in the country.

Being a member of the largest group of court reporters, captioners, and legal videographers has long been a priority for LaRosa, who joined NCRA in 1985. “As a group, we have the power to be in control of our careers,” says LaRosa. “We need a voice to speak for us rather than have our working parameters ‘dictated’ to us.”

Members are encouraged to renew their membership online. All NCRA members who renew before the end of October will be entered to win a $200 Amazon gift card or a $100 gift card donated by Pengad. Members will also receive a graphic to proudly display on social media or as an email banner to let others know they have renewed early.

2024 Early Renewer Email signature

Do you know someone who isn’t an NCRA member? If they join during the month of October, they can receive 15 months of membership for the price of 12.