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Live webinar for Court Reporting & Captioning Week: Practicing in the 21st Century

By Amie First

Has your practice routine become humdrum? Are you looking for some motivation? 

Join Alex Lederer, RPR, and Bethan Williams, RSR, two new professionals, as they share their practice journey through steno school to certification testing in Practicing in the 21st Century. This Feb. 7  webinar, presented in conjunction with Court Reporting & Captioning Week, will provide you with practice techniques that will invigorate your practice time and get you through the slumps. Registration is open now.

Our speakers are experts when it comes to practicing. Bethan graduated in March 2023 and has obtained Washington state certification and the RSR. She is currently finishing up the RPR. Alex has been a working reporter for three years. He has the unique perspective of learning speedbuilding on his own when his school shut down during the COVID pandemic. He’s an RPR and now practicing for the RMR. These two inspiring speakers will give you effective advice for creating a practice routine and sticking to it. Find out what works best for them – it might just help you jump that difficult speed hurdle!

Are you crushed when you fail a test? Our presenters will share their successes and failures as well as what keeps them motivated. Most importantly, they will share their secrets for successful testing.

It’s Court Reporting & Captioning Week, and we will be celebrating all things steno – so be prepared for some awesome student giveaways!

Follow-up question-and-answer session

You’ve asked for time for questions, and we are giving it to you! Join us the following week, Tuesday, Feb. 13 at 8p.m. Eastern, for a question-and-answer session for the “Practicing in the 21st Century” webinar. This is your golden opportunity to connect with Bethan and Alex as well as other students. 

The NCRA Student-Teacher Committee is excited to present this must-see webinar and must-attend mentoring session!

Join Bethan Williams, RSR,  and Alex Lederer, RPR,  for a question-and-answer session from the “Practicing in the 21st Century” webinar. This student mentoring Zoom hour will give you an opportunity to ask our presenters any burning questions you have about the webinar, practice techniques, motivation, and their journey through steno school to becoming new professionals.  Join us for this enlightening conversation!

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Amie First, RDR, CRR, CRC, CPE, is an official reporter from Orlando, Fla., and serves as Chair of NCRA’s Student-Teacher Committee. She can be reached at