NCRA Convention & Expo: Academy of Professional Reporters admits 11 new Fellows

2013 Fellows

The new Fellows of the Academy of Professional Reporters are (l-r): Sue Terry, Jo Ann Betler,
Dee Boenau, Laura Brewer, Lillian Freiler, Mark Kislingbury, Adam Miller, Holly Moose, Lynette Mueller,
and (in front) Linda Sturm.

Eleven NCRA members have been awarded fellowships in the Academy of Professional Reporters, which recognizes recipients for their outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience. The announcement was made during a special awards ceremony held during NCRA’s Convention & Expo.

Fellowship in the Academy of Professional Reporters is a professional distinction conferred upon a person with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of shorthand reporting. Candidates for Fellow are required to have been in the active practice of reporting for at least 10 years and to have attained distinction as measured by performance (which includes publication of important papers, creative contributions, service on committees or boards, teaching, and so on). They are nominated for membership by their peers.

The following are 2012-2013 Fellows.

Jo Ann Betler, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, CPE, CLVS, is an official reporter and firm owner in Huntington, W.Va. She has approximately 30 years of experience in the field. She is a past president of the West Virginia Court Reporters Association and the West Virginia Official Court Reporters Association. She has also been involved with bringing realtime to West Virginia courtrooms and mentoring local court reporting students. In addition, Betler served as an NCRA Chief Examiner and exam grader.

Deanna C. Boenau, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, is a CART provider and broadcast captioner in Sarasota, Fla., She has approximately 20 years of experience in reporting. In addition to serving NCRA as a mentor and student seminar presenter, she has participated in and won many Florida Court Reporters Association and NCRA speed and realtime competitions. She represented the United States in the world competition at Intersteno in Paris in 2011 and placed second. She has also given numerous presentations promoting the stenographic court reporting profession in person, as well as on local and national television.

Laura P. Brewer, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, is a CART provider in Los Altos, Calif. She has been in the reporting field for about 30 years. She has served extensively as a Chief Examiner and Test Advisory Committee member for both NCRA and the Court Reporters Board of California. She is a past president of the Bay Area General Reporters Association and has also served as the legislative representative for that group. She has written and spoken extensively on CART, realtime reporting, and other topics and has spent time visiting court reporting schools to encourage and educate students.

Lillian M. Freiler, RMR, CMRS, is a freelance reporter in Orwigsburg, Pa., with nearly 40 years of experience. She is the immediate past president of Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association and has served on numerous NCRA and PCRA committees, including NCRA’s National Committee of State Associations Governing Board and Nominating Committee. She has also served as a frequent seminar presenter and mentor.

Mark T. Kislingbury, RDR, CRR, is a trainer and captioner from Houston, Texas. He has been in the court reporting business for nearly 30 years. He has published numerous books and JCR articles regarding steno theory and speedbuilding and has presented numerous continuing education seminars. He has won numerous NCRA speed and realtime contests and is the current Guinness World Record holder for stenographic transcription.

Kerry J. Lange, RMR, is a freelance reporter in Sioux Falls, S.D. She has nearly 40 years of experience. She is a past president of the South Dakota Court Reporters Association and has served on numerous committees at the state level. She has been instrumental in developing, launching, and maintaining the NCRA-certified court reporting program at Colorado Technical University’s Sioux Falls campus. Lange has also acted as an NCRA Chief Examiner and mentor. She has successfully spearheaded legislative efforts on behalf of SDCRA, and is a frequent speaker for the state’s educational programs and seminars.

Adam D. Miller, RPR, CRI, CLVS, is a firm owner from Middletown, Del., who has more than 20 years of experience in the business. He is a past president of the Delaware Court Reporters Association, a former NCRA Director, and a former NCSA delegate. He currently chairs NCRF’s Angels Committee. In addition, he has served frequently as an NCRA author and seminar presenter.

Holly Moose, RDR, CRR, is a firm owner from Sausalito, Calif. She has nearly 30 years of experience in the court reporting profession. She is a past president of the Deposition Reporters Association of California and has held every position within that organization. She has also served on NCRA’s COPE Committee and has acted as COPE’s liaison to the Task Force on Contracting. She has published numerous articles for both the JCR and the DRA’s newsletter.

Lynette L. Mueller, RDR, CRR, is a freelance reporter from Germantown, Tenn. She has more than 30 years of experience. She is a current director of the Tennessee Court Reporters Association and she has volunteered hundreds of hours for TCRA and NCRA, serving on various committees and authoring numerous articles and “tech tips” for the JCR. Her committee service at the state level includes service on the TCRA membership, website, convention, education, newsletter, CCR, nominating, and scholarship/ mentoring committees.

Linda G. Sturm, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, of Columbus, Ohio, has been an NCRA member for more than 30 years. She is a past president of the Ohio Court Reporters Association and was also a long-time chair of OCRA’s certification committee. She was a leading voice for mandatory certification of court reporters in Ohio and was ultimately asked by the Supreme Court of Ohio to serve on its Task Force on the Certification of Court Reporters. She has presented seminars and written articles for NCRA, numerous state associations, as well as major law firms, bar associations, and deaf consumer groups. She developed early captioning programs in Ohio, developed and provided the state’s first university realtime program, and provided court reporting services all over the world. At OCRA’s annual conference, she was awarded the Glenn W. Stiles award.

Sue A. Terry, RPR, CRR, is a freelance reporter from Springfield, Ohio with nearly 40 years of experience. She is a past president of Ohio Court Reporters Association and serves on numerous committees at the state level. She was the recipient of Ohio’s Martin Fincun Award for outstanding service as well as the 2012 Glenn W. Stiles Distinguished Service Award. She has produced numerous seminars and articles for OCRA and NCRA and has spent time educating law firms and bar associations. She currently serves on the NCRA Board of Directors and many of its committees, including Technology Evaluation Committee and the TRAIN Task Force. She has trained and mentored numerous court reporting students throughout her career.

Brewer wins Intersteno speech capturing in stenotype

The American contingent had a strong showing at the 49th Intersteno Competition, held this year in Ghent, Belgium. Laura Brewer, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, took top honors in the Shorthand/Speech Capturing section in stenotype. Rui Wang of China placed second, and John Wissenbach, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, captured third. In addition, Patricia Nilsen, RMR, CRR, CCP, CRI, placed fourth, and Dee Boenau, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, placed fifth.

NCRA member Tori Pittman, RDR, CRI, earned first place in the Shorthand/ Speech Capturing section in speech recognition.

Jo Ann Bryce wins 2013 Realtime Contest

2013 Realtime Contest Winners

At the 2013 NCRA Convention & Expo in Nashville, Tenn., Jo Ann Bryce of Castro Valley, Calif., won the Realtime Contest. Deanna C. Boenau of Sarasota, Fla., earned second place and Laura P. Brewer of Los Altos, Calif., earned third place in the Realtime Contest.

Many CRR and Merit writers tested their realtime writing skills in this annual realtime contest. The competition consisted of two five-minute dictations: straight matter at 200 wpm and a two-voice at 225 wpm. Contestants qualified in each with an accuracy rate of 95% or better, and the best combined score won the championship.

Realtime Contest – Overall

Place Names Errors Percentage
1 Bryce, Jo Ann 6 99.717%
2 Boenau, Deanna C. 11 99.506%
3 Brewer, Laura P. 15 99.333%
4 Hayden, Dana 15 99.317%
5 Urlaub, Donna M. 18 99.194%
6 Menck, Karyn D. 20 99.050%
7 Kislingbury, Mark Tod 23 98.967%
8 Wissenbach, John 24 98.883%
9 Darrenougue, Teri B. 33 98.772%
10 Cook, Ronald L. 33 98.467%
11 Kraynak, Diane K. 35 98.350%
12 Cano, Michael Joseph 37 98.339%
13 Cortopassi, Kathy A. 42 98.089%
14 Mahon, Patrick Joseph 50 97.689%
15 Frazier, Clay James 51 97.628%
16 Bundy, Lori 53 97.489%
17 Tyler, Karen L. 56 97.372%
18 Frazier, Tami 58 97.332%
19 Humphrey-Sonntag, Melanie L. 64 98.089%
20 Greenblum, Steven 66 96.900%
21 Frazier, Elizabeth 74 96533%
22 Linkowski, Kelly D. 76 96.494%
23 Nodland, Robin L. 77 96.400%


Place Names Errors Percentage
1 Brewer, Laura P. 0 100.000%
2 Boenau, Deanna C. 1 99.900%
2 Urlaub, Donna M. 1 99.900%
3 Kislingbury, Mark Tod 2 99.800%
4 Bryce, Jo Ann 3 99.700%
4 Cano, Michael Joseph 3 99.700%
4 Hayden, Dana 3 99.700%
5 Darrenougue, Teri B. 5 99.500%
6 Cortopassi, Kathy A. 8 99.200%
7 Wissenbach, John 9 99.100%
8 First, Amie R. 11 98.900%
8 Menck, Karyn D. 11 98.900%
9 Cook, Ronald L. 12 98.800%
9 Humphrey-Sonntag, Melanie L. 12 98.800%
9 Radavich, Bernice E. 12 98.800%
10 Casey, Joyce Z. 15 98.500%
11 Mahon, Patrick Joseph 16 98.400%
12 Kraynak, Diane K. 17 98.300%
13 Frazier, Tami 18 98.200%
14 Frazier, Clay James 19 98.100%
15 Linkowski, Kelly D. 23 97.700%
16 Germosen, Rich 25 97.500%
16 Tyler, Karen L. 25 97.500%
17 Pickard, Darlene E. 27 97.300%
18 Bundy, Lori 28 97.200%
19 Greenblum, Steven 30 97.000%
20 Frazier, Elizabeth 32 96.800%
20 Kimmel, Allison Lewis 32 96.800%
20 Nodland, Robin L. 32 96.800%
21 Dibble, Debbie 34 96.600%
22 Dean, Deanna J. 39 96.100%
23 Brezina, Thomas R. 42 95.800%
24 Jansen, Naren 43 95.700%


Place Names Errors Percentage
1 Bryce, Jo Ann 3 99.733%
2 Menck, Karyn D. 9 99.200%
3 Boenau, Deanna C. 10 99.111%
4 Hayden, Dana 12 98.933%
5 Brewer, Laura P. 15 98.667%
5 Wissenbach, John 15 98.667%
6 Urlaub, Donna M. 17 98.489%
7 Kraynak, Diane K. 18 98.400%
8 Cook, Ronald L. 21 98.133%
8 Kislingbury, Mark Tod 21 98.133%
9 Darrenougue, Teri B. 22 98.044%
10 Bundy, Lori 25 97.778%
11 Tyler, Karen L. 31 97.244%
12 Frazier, Clay James 32 97.156%
13 Cano, Michael Joseph 34 96.978%
13 Cortopassi, Kathy A. 34 96.978%
13 Mahon, Patrick Joseph 34 96.978%
14 Greenblum, Steven 36 96.800%
15 Frazier, Tami 40 96.444%
16 Frazier, Elizabeth 42 96.267%
17 Nodland, Robin L. 45 96.000%
18 Humphrey-Sonntag, Melanie L. 52 95.378%
19 Linkowski, Kelly D. 53 95.289%