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Check your email and then your local paper

NCRA has launched a new public relations strategy to generate media recognition of its members for their professional accomplishments and significant achievements. Members who have recently earned a new certification, been awarded a grant or scholarship, or even have participated in events such as the NCRF annual phone-a-thon, can expect an email from NCRA’s communications depart ment with a request to review an attached press release and return it, along with a clear headshot, to be distributed to local media outlets in their area. In addition to recognizing our members’ achievements, this new PR strategy aids in increasing public awareness of the many specialized services NCRA members provide in a variety of venues.

We love to brag, so feel free to send information about your accomplishments and achievements to NCRA’s Communications Department at for review and consideration. Your news may be announced with a press release to your local media. In addition, watch the NCRA website for a link to the Court Reporters Information Center coming later this year. In it, users will find an array of press release templates members can access to create their own PR campaigns, as well as tips on working with the media, using social media for promotions, and much more.