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NCRA PROLink is here!

Have you looked at the online member directory recently? NCRA has changed the name; but more than that, NCRA has changed the look, added functionality, and made it easier and faster for your clients to find you through NCRA PROLink.

In celebration, all existing Premium Sourcebook listings are being upgraded to NCRA Premium Plus PROLink listings, and all Premium Plus listings will be discounted to $250 (originally $395) to celebrate the launch of our new member directory!  

“In developing the platform for running an election to the NCRA Board in 2016, I had to develop solutions to age-old questions like ‘What does being an NCRA member do for me?'” said NCRA President Christine Phipps, RPR. 

“Now, while that list is long, perception is reality for many, so it was then I developed the concept for what has now become known as NCRA PROLink,” Phipps said. “Your NCRA membership is now going to place jobs in your hands and dollars back into your pocket!  NCRA PROLink is going to be marketed to those who utilize your services and who will now understand and be looking for NCRA certified reporters and videographers. The more certifications each member has makes that member a natural top choice! Your certifications now work for you!”

The new look is cleaner and easier to navigate. Search options are located on the left side and the results are shown on the map on the right.

Searches can be performed on any of the following or a combination thereof:

  • Professional type
  • Individual and/or firm name
  • NCRA credentials
  • Location by
    • City and state
    • City and country
    • ZIP code
    • Proximity to a ZIP code
  • Services offered from arbitration to remote reporting to video synchronization
  • Software used

Although it’s not the name that makes a product, the name should describe the product or service. When NCRA picked the name NCRA PROLink, we spoke with members and staff and surveyed what other member search tools were named. NCRA kept coming back to the fact that, first, the member directory is about the members — the professionals providing services — and, equally as important, its purpose is to link our professionals with those looking for their services. Through this market research, the online member directory now takes on the more appropriate name of NCRA PROLink.

Sales of firm listings with job blast functionality will launch online shortly. In the meantime, email to be among our first members to sign up. Listings are $300 with one profile photo associated with your firm, or $400 with up to four additional photos of your location. At this higher level, you can also specify services you offer at that specific location. During this introductory period, additional location listings will be just $100 each, so buy one per office location.