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Careers in Court Reporting website

Careers in Court Reporting
In recent months, NCRA has launched a new website: On this site, you’ll find information about the court reporting field as a career option.

The Start Here section includes FAQs and career choices within the profession. Website visitors can learn more about what’s entailed if they choose a career as a court reporter, freelance reporter, or captioner. The site also provides a list of court reporting programs organized by state, along with their websites, for additional information. There are also links to educational videos from professional court reporters, including a series called “What’s in my bag?”

The website is a great resource for high school and college students, as well as those who are looking for a career change. If you’re already in the court reporting profession and volunteer your time at school or job fairs, consider introducing the site as a resource. Mentioning the website allows people to learn even more when they have time to research the field. If you have a website or LinkedIn profile, consider adding a link to help prospective students and future court reporters find more information about the profession.

Remember the time when you wanted to join the profession? What were your interests? Your traits? Your skills and strengths? If you meet someone who has a similar background or interests, tell them about your profession and about our site at