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Students count the reasons to attend NCRA Conference & Expo

This year’s NCRA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., has already attracted more than 125 student registrants. A few of them are local to the Las Vegas area, over half are from California, there’s a big group from Texas and Oklahoma, and some are from as far away as Massachusetts and Florida. Up-to-Speed reached out to several of these students to ask them what they are looking forward to most.

Emily Atiga

Emily Atiga | Duarte, Calif. | Downey Adult School

“I am attending the Conference because I want to learn more about the different areas of court reporting and also simply just to see what the Conference has to offer for students. I do scoping for court reporters in the meantime while I attend school. I am really looking forward to the events and the encouragement that I get from seeing professional court reporters talk about the benefits of the profession. I hope to learn more about the different areas of court reporting and to meet some people in the profession.”

Hayley Long | Mishawaka, Ind. | College of Court Reporting

Hayley Long

“I am very much looking forward to the Conference so that I can meet fellow students and working reporters. Because my school is all online, sometimes we students can feel very alone in our struggle to practice and attain speeds, so it will be nice to get to talk with others face-to-face who understand exactly what it takes to become a court reporter. 

“I’m not entirely sure what to expect at the Conference, but everyone I’ve spoken to says it’s a great opportunity for networking and fun! I’ve also never been to Vegas before, so I’ll also be taking some time to see the sights while I am there.” 

Dana Spear | San Antonio, Texas | Tulsa Community College

Dana Spear

“I am attending in order to network, to keep me motivated on my steno journey, and to get out of the house. I am looking forward to meeting fellow students and reporters, attending classes, and the Gala. I hope to learn some new tips and tricks of the trade and to make lifelong friends.” 

Edna Valdez | Santa Ana, Calif. | Downey Adult School

Edna Valdez

“I am attending this year to learn more about the industry from professional court reporters. I’m hoping to learn more about the different paths available for court reporters once we finish school. I would love to attend a session specifically for students to help with the anxiety of not knowing what’s ahead and learn tools that will help us navigate each step after graduation. I would like to know a little bit more about time frames to schedule certification testing (should I start taking the written portion of the RPR at 140 wpm, 160 wpm, 180 wpm).”

Sara Sapp | Collinsville, Ill. | Hardeman School of Court Reporting & Captioning

Sara Sapp

“I am really excited about attending the student seminars and learning everything I can about the profession. I am also super pumped to actually meet in person my friends I attend school with online, as well as meet all the legendary reporters in the profession.” 

Valerie Shantel Suaste | Fontana, Calif. | South Coast College

Valerie Shantel Suaste

“First timer, I want to be more involved in my profession. I’m looking forward to the speed challenge! I am a 170/180 wpm goal student and extremely excited for my future in the field.”

Jenna Hall | Ponca, Neb. | Hardeman School of Court Reporting & Captioning

“I am attending for many reasons. Being a student, I am hungry for all the information that I can get my hands on. Being able to attend the workshops and seminars is the perfect way to get information and be taught by the people that are currently in the field. I am also in the market for a new professional machine. I am currently working on the Student Wave, but I am interested in actually being able to test the new Luminex II or the Lightspeed. 

Jenna Hall

“I am really looking forward to being able to meet other students and teachers from my school – we are all online students – and being able to meet them in person and build those bonds that we have already established going through this rollercoaster ride called court reporting school. 

“I am really hoping to be able to get as much knowledge and experience as I can after leaving the Conference. I am currently working on my 180s, and I am hoping that all the information, motivation, and energy after the Conference will give me that final push of motivation to finish school.” 

Nezer Lagrimas | Seattle, Wash. | CareerLuv Beginning Theory Magnum Steno Program

“I discovered stenography and court reporting just a few months ago. After doing more research about the program, it was clear that it had a very supportive community around it. I’m excited to attend the Conference to meet and learn from both professionals and peers, and after a year of being inside all day, who wouldn’t want to take the opportunity to venture out? I’m looking forward to all of the student sessions and to making connections that could lead to professional opportunities in the future.”

Violet Romero | Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. | SimplySteno

Violet Romero

“I am attending the Conference because I want to learn as much as I can about this profession and meet new colleagues. I’m looking forward to the Guinness Challenge competition and actually being able to witness it. I hope to meet students and teachers that may support and guide me along the way, as well as me being able to help others in any way I can.”

Candice Radam | Austin, Texas | Arlington Career Institute

Candice Radam

“I’ve never been to a national Conference and would love to have the experience and network as well. I’m part of Steno Talk podcast; I’ll be meeting the other members there. “

Anne Griffith | Brunswick, Ohio | Cuyahoga Community College

“I am planning to attend for many reasons: Making connections, learning more about this fantastic career, seeing professionals in action, and getting some tips for the future.” 

Jessica Hargreaves | Washington Township, N.J. | Court Reporting & Captioning at Home

“I am attending my first NCRA Conference as a new student and excited to learn more about the industry and looking forward to meeting people in the broadcast captioning and stenography world!”

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