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Distinguished Service Award nominations deadline approaching

The Distinguished Service Award encourages and recognizes work amounting to distinguished service by individual members of NCRA for the benefit of the reporting profession. That may include work as a member, committee member, director or officer of the association, for the JCR, in state or local association affairs, or in the field of public affairs or public relations.

“I don’t think people like me volunteer with the thought of receiving an award, but receiving the DSA is an honor that I will never forget. It signifies so much to me, more than I would have ever thought, and I will display the plaque with great pride,” said Ellie Corbett Hannum, RMR, CMRS, and 2013 Distinguished Service Award recipient. “I cherish the honor, one awarded by a group of my peers, as the most meaningful professional accomplishment of my career. It represents the culmination of years dedicated to the profession I love. And while I still believe that I wasn’t worthy of the award, I am ever so grateful that I was chosen to receive it.”

Sound like someone you know? Nominations are now open for the 2014 DSA. The deadline to submit your nominee is Feb. 3, 2014.

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