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NCRA members to vote on two additional amendments during business meeting

Two additional amendments, one to NCRA’s Constitution & Bylaws and another to the Certificate of Incorporation, will be voted on by members during the Annual Business Meeting on July 31, 2014. Members who are interested in voting must have an active email address on file in NCRA’s membership database. Please note that members can vote on the Bylaws amendments online but must be present at the Annual Business Meeting to vote on the amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation.

The additional bylaws amendment would change the size of the Committee on Professional Ethics, a standing committee for the association. The change would be from five committee members, with at least three committee members who are registered members of the Association, to seven members, with four of those to be registered members. This is the third Bylaws amendment; prior to this announcement, the Constitution & Bylaws Committee proposed two amendments to be voted on during the 2014 Annual Business Meeting.

The other amendment would update some terminology in NCRA’s Certificate of Incorporation, which are referenced in the Association’s Constitution & Bylaws, to comply with changes to the District of Columbia nonprofit corporation law. Members who wish to vote on this amendment must be present at the Annual Business Meeting.