Six amendments pass by vote of the membership

Six of the seven proposed NCRA Constitution & Bylaws amendments passed by a vote of the membership on Friday, Aug. 16, following the NCRA Annual Business Meeting, which was held in conjunction with the NCRA 2019 Convention & Expo. Voting Members had the opportunity to vote during a 24-hour period following the Business Meeting. Amendment #4, which addressed succession, was withdrawn during the Annual Business Meeting.

Members were able to view a live stream of the event; a transcript was made available following the meeting. The total number of voters was 855 (7.6%) of 11,233 electors.

Amendment #1 would allow membership reinstatements to be either written or verbal requests. The amendment was voted in by 799 (94.9%) for to 43 (5.1%) against.

Amendment #2 addressed the requirements for reinstatement for Registered Member. The amendment was voted in by 776 (94.2%) for to 48 (5.8%) against.

Amendment #3 addressed how to handle the proration of dues. The amendment was voted in by 595 (90.4%) for to 63 (9.6%) against.

Amendment #5 was brought forward for vote because there was an inconsistency about the Nominating Committee Meeting. The amendment was voted in by 768 (98.1%) for to 15 (1.9%) against.

Amendment #6 asks membership to change the name of the National Committee of State Associations to the National Congress of State Associations. The amendment was voted in by 665 (88.4%) for to 87 (11.6%) against.

Amendment #7, which was proposed by a group of members in accordance with the Constitution & Bylaws, addresses the requirements on state associations. The amendment was voted in by 565 (73.5%) for to 204 (26.5%) against.

The full language of the amendments can be found on the NCRA website. The certified results can also be found on the NCRA website.

Watch for information about voting

On Thursday, July 31, all eligible voting NCRA members will have the ability to vote online for three Constitution & Bylaws amendments.

The online vote will start within two hours of the end of the Annual Business Meeting and will be open for 12 hours. The Annual Business Meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. PDT.

When voting begins, an email will be sent to all eligible voting members for whom NCRA has a valid address. Members will be sent a link to a secure voting website. The email gives detailed instructions on how to log in to the system to cast a vote.

Members who are attending the Convention, please note that this year, there will not be voting stations. Members can vote on their phones, their tablets, or their computers. Free WiFi is available in the meeting room areas or in the business center in the hotel.

NCRA members to vote on two additional amendments during business meeting

Two additional amendments, one to NCRA’s Constitution & Bylaws and another to the Certificate of Incorporation, will be voted on by members during the Annual Business Meeting on July 31, 2014. Members who are interested in voting must have an active email address on file in NCRA’s membership database. Please note that members can vote on the Bylaws amendments online but must be present at the Annual Business Meeting to vote on the amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation.

The additional bylaws amendment would change the size of the Committee on Professional Ethics, a standing committee for the association. The change would be from five committee members, with at least three committee members who are registered members of the Association, to seven members, with four of those to be registered members. This is the third Bylaws amendment; prior to this announcement, the Constitution & Bylaws Committee proposed two amendments to be voted on during the 2014 Annual Business Meeting.

The other amendment would update some terminology in NCRA’s Certificate of Incorporation, which are referenced in the Association’s Constitution & Bylaws, to comply with changes to the District of Columbia nonprofit corporation law. Members who wish to vote on this amendment must be present at the Annual Business Meeting.

NCRA Members approve six amendments to the association’s constitution and bylaws

2013 NCRA Annual Business Meeting

2013 NCRA Annual Business Meeting

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – NCRA members voted on six amendments to the association’s Constitution and Bylaws during the organization’s 2013 Annual Business Meeting at the 2013 Convention & Expo being held in Nashville this week. The amendments, along with corresponding rationale, were communicated to members in the JCR and on the NCRA website in accordance with established protocol. The vote took place electronically with all NCRA voting members for whom NCRA has working email addresses invited to participate during a 12-hour period immediately following the conclusion of the business meeting. Overall, 284 registered members took part in the online vote, passing each of the amendments by substantial margins.

The amendments included:

  • The elimination of the requirement for NCRA Associate Member applicants to be endorsed by a Voting Member;
  • The elimination of the requirement to post information within the NCRA Convention’s registration area for Board candidates, given the fact that virtually all information associated with member voting is presented on the Internet;
  • The requirement of the Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters (CAPR) to have at least one consumer or public member in addition to at least five NCRA Fellows members, in an effort to align CAPR composition with best practices within certification and education circles;
  • An amendment that makes language associated with CASE and the General Requirements and Minimum Standards (GRMS) consistent with current policies and procedures associated with both;
  • The expansion of the pool of potential candidates to serve on the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) Committee by not requiring such candidates to be past DSA participants; and,
  • The elimination of the President’s Advisory Council as an official NCRA standing committee, even though it is the board’s intention to draw on the background and expertise of past presidents when such counsel is needed.

A more detailed report of the board’s actions will appear in an upcoming issue of the JCR and on

Want to vote? Sign up now

NCRA’s Constitution and Bylaws permit members to cast their votes in contested elections and on bylaws amendments via secure, online means, even if they can’t attend the Annual Membership Business Meeting at convention. But to exercise the right, members must have an active email address on file in NCRA’s membership database. This will enable NCRA to keep you informed if a contested election or amendment is coming up for a vote and provide information on how to register and cast your vote online. Members who are eligible to vote will be able to sign on to the secure website, review the transcript and video feed for the meeting, and vote through a private, secure link during the 12-hour voting period. Results will be verified by a third party.

Please make sure that we have an active email address for you in our database by July 31. Contact Member Services and Information Center at 800-272-6272, or update your NCRA account through the Web at Look for “Renew or update your record” under the “Membership Tools” category.

In order to be able to vote at the Nash – ville business meeting, individuals must join NCRA or provide an updated email to NCRA by July 31.