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Why court reporters need fast passes for obstacle court

In a recent blog on, court reporter Margaret Mary Kruse, RPR, offers a humorous take on  the daily security check court officials need to pass through at county courthouse and calls on the local sheriff’s office to reissue the ID cards or “fast passes” that were rescinded after 9/11. Kruse, pseudonym The Ink Slinger, writes:  “As anyone who finds themselves on the legal playground of Cook County. Ill., knows The Daley Center is a thrill ride like no other … Before entering the courtrooms above the Tower of Terror’s lobby, court reporters are forced to:

  • Play Beat The Clock as they waste precious time in long lines;
  • Engage in hand-to-hand combat with crazy line-jumpers;
  • Fight to maintain their sanity in the Hall Of Insanity, as they watch unprepared folks seemingly learn to negotiate a metal detector for the first time.”

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