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NCRF unveils toolbox with resources for students, reporters, firm owners, and others

During the Friday afternoon session entitled “Powered by NCRF: New Tricks, Tips, and Techniques” at the 2014 NCRA Convention & Expo in San Francisco from July 31 – Aug. 2, Merilyn Sanchez, RMR, CRR, and Jan Ballman, RPR, CMRS unveiled several new resources in the new NCRF toolbox, which include the Career Day in a Box, the Professionalism Institute seminars, and the Veterans History Project. The seminar, however, functioned as a brainstorming session as well as an unveiling; Sanchez and Ballman took suggestions from the audience on the NCRF tools. Several members of the audience were especially interested in how these new tools could be used through the schools.

Many of the tools that Sanchez and Ballman presented can be used both by firm owners hiring young professional reporters and by the young professionals themselves, looking to strengthen their skills. NCRF is also interested in partnering to find new avenues to present their resources.

Ballman took some time to discuss how a couple more familiar programs, the Oral History Program and Veterans History Project, apply to the new initiatives. Participating is not only rewarding, but a good way to showcase reporting skills and firm brands, especially during a VHP Day, Ballman pointed out. Reporters and firm owners who are interested in hosting a VHP Day can find opportunities to partner with their local bar associations or videographers, which has been a successful strategy for members in Oregon for example.

Ballman encouraged attendees to keep track of what leadership initiatives they’re doing on their resumes, and not just students, but professional reporters who are looking to get more involved in their local, state, and national associations.

More information on the NCRF toolbox will be available in the fall.