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NCRF announces 2015 student grant and scholarship winners

The National Court Reporters Foundation has announced that Kendra Steppler, a student from Sumner College in Portland Ore., is the recipient of the $2,000 2015 Frank Sarli Memorial Scholarship. The Foundation also announced that Rachelle Cahoon, Boise, Idaho, was named recipient of the 2015 New Professional Reporter Grant. The winners will be recognized at NCRA’s 2015 Convention & Expo being held July 30-Aug. 2 in New York City.

“Each year the Foundation is honored to award this scholarship and this grant to deserving students to help them facilitate their education and launch their careers,” said B.J. Shorak, the Foundation’s Deputy Executive Director. “Both of these important awards are made possible by the generous donations we receive each year from our members during several of our annual fundraising activities.”

NCRF’s Frank Sarli Memorial Scholarship honors the late Frank Sarli, a court reporter who was committed to supporting students at the highest level of their learning curve. Steppler is the 19th recipient of the scholarship. Recipients are chosen based on a number of criteria, including enrollment in an NCRA-certified court reporting program, passing at least one of the court reporting program’s Q&A tests at a minimum of 200 words per minute, having a grade point average of 3.5 or above, demonstrating the need for financial assistance, and possessing the qualities exemplified by a professional court reporter, including attitude, demeanor, dress, and motivation.

NCRF awards the annual New Professional Reporter Grant to a reporter who is in her or her first year of work, has graduated within a year from an NCRA-certified court reporting program, and meets specific criteria, including a grade point average of 3.5 or above, a letter of recommendation, and active work in any of the career paths of judicial (official/freelance), CART, or captioning. Cahoon, a graduate of the College of Court Reporting, Hobart, Ind., is the 11th recipient of NCRF’s New Professional Reporter Grant. She was nominated by Annie Cook of Tucker and Associates in Boise and was described as a “powerhouse” who is expected to become an amazing realtime writer.

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