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PAC Your Baskets: NCRA PAC Fundraiser at 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo

Contributing to the NCRA PAC (Political Action Committee) is an important way you can shape how the court reporting and captioning professions are addressed at the federal level. That makes this year more important than ever. With the 2018 midterm elections coming up, NCRA has an opportunity to cultivate new alliances in the federal government and to ensure that members of Congress who know the importance of court reporters and support the court reporting profession in the United States stay in office.

To raise PAC funds to help our allies in Congress in 2018, NCRA PAC is holding a Gift Basket Extravaganza at this year’s 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo in New Orleans. We are asking our state associations to donate a gift basket to NCRA PAC. Ideally, a gift basket would showcase the uniqueness of your state and your association’s pride in it! Each state that contributes a gift basket will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free registration to the 2019  NCRALegislative Boot Camp.

Here’s how it works: Each state association that donates a gift basket has a chance to win a registration to the 2019 NCRA Legislative Boot Camp. Which state wins the NCRA Legislative Boot Camp registration is based on which basket is the biggest draw at Convention. Convention attendees who contribute to NCRA PAC in exchange for raffle tickets will vote by putting their raffle tickets in a bowl for the basket they want to win. If donors want your state’s basket, they will put their tickets in the bowl, and the winner of the basket will be chosen randomly. The basket that accumulates the highest number of tickets wins the 2019 NCRA Legislative Boot Camp registration.

If you have any questions about the 2018 NCRA PAC Gift Basket Extravaganza, contact Matthew Barusch at