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School Spotlight: South Suburban College

Once a month we highlight a different NCRA-approved school. The court reporter programs offered at these schools have met the General Requirements and Minimum Standards established by the Council on Approved Student Education of NCRA. This is a chance for members to get to know these programs and hear from their students and teachers. 

South Suburban College is situated on two campuses outside of Chicago: The main campus in South Holland and the smaller campus in Oak Forest, where the court reporting program is located. Founded in 1927 as Thornton Junior College, the institution now serves approximately 9,000 students and offers more than 370 associate degrees and 200 certificates.

South Suburban’s court reporting program is small, which encourages personal interaction between the students and faculty. The administration, including Court Reporting Program Coordinator LaTherese Cooke, care very much about the success of the students and are engaged in their individual learning.

Lilly Marlink

Lilly Marlink, a student from Oak Lawn, Ill., says, “The court reporting program at South Suburban College excels at giving it their all when it comes to working with each and every individual student. Our instructors have provided guidance and building blocks for an excellent education and career. I’m the happiest here.”

Student member Marla Peteet, from Chicago, Ill., shared a similar sentiment. “South Suburban’s court reporting program is awesome. The staff is patient, caring, and just plain supportive. It is a tight-knit community. Everyone’s needs are supported. I’m a 65-year-old woman and my goal is their goal.”

“The mission of the school is to serve our students and the community through lifelong learning,” says Cooke.

“Our program is small and affordable with the vast resources of a community college,” adds Cooke. “This allows us to focus intimately on each student. In our student-centered environment, we are dedicated to student achievement and promote innovative strategies and initiatives to maximize our students’ opportunity for success. Our instructors have advanced degrees and value the opportunity to help transform the lives of our diverse student population.”

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