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Challenge accepted! Registration for the NCRA Speed and Realtime Contests closes soon

If you are an RMR, CRR, or CRC looking for a challenge, has NCRA got one for you! Now is the time to test your skills against your peers by signing up for either the NCRA Speed Contest or NCRA Realtime Contest next being held at the 2023 Conference & Expo at the Hyatt Regency Houston Downtown in Houston, Texas. Registration closes July 7.

The NCRA Speed Contest starts at 9 a.m., Wednesday, July 26, but contestants start arriving around 8 a.m. so they have plenty of time to set up. Some contestants even arrive at the hotel on Tuesday to get acclimated. Some take advantage of a set-up session on Tuesday afternoon, then enjoy a collegial dinner together. The contestants take down the three legs and then have three 90-minute periods to transcribe their takes — one for each leg.

The NCRA Realtime Contest takes place after lunch on Thursday, July 27. Although it’s only two legs, the Realtime Contest still presents a challenge for contestants. Arrive early, as seating is done by lottery. The contestants take down two legs for the Realtime Contest, then are asked to move outside and are invited back to their machines individually to move their files from their computer to a USB drive. The files are then printed, and contestants can pack up.

Now the waiting begins! Results are announced at the Awards Luncheon on Saturday.

Spectators are allowed for both events, but phones, laptops, and other electronic devices that might go off during the contest are not.

Sign up early! The number of seats available is limited, and to facilitate the room set-up, registration closes July 7.

Speed Contest

Wednesday, July 26
Contest starts at 9 a.m.

Consists of 3 legs

  • 220 wpm Literary for 5 minutes; 90 minutes to transcribe
  • 230 wpm Legal Opinion for 5 minutes; 90 minutes to transcribe
  • 280 wpm Testimony for 5 minutes; 90 minutes to transcribe

Credentials required
Contestants must hold an RMR or RDR

Tips for contest day

  • Box lunches are provided; many contestants will sign out during the transcription to eat and chat with colleagues
  • Come early for practice on Tuesday and dinner with other contestants and Contest Committee members
  • It might be a long day if you end up using all of the time allotted for transcription; often the last people finish up around 2 or 3 in the afternoon

Find more information on the Speed Contest here.

Realtime Contest

Thursday, July 27
Contest starts at 1:30 p.m.

Consists of 2 legs

  • 200 wpm Literary for 5 minutes (no transcription time)
  • 225 wpm Testimony (Q & A) for 5 minutes (no transcription time)

Credentials required
Contestants must hold an RMR, RDR, CRR, or both the RPR and CRC

Tips for contest day

  • You might want to eat an early lunch; no lunch is provided for the Realtime Contest
  • Even if you are only signed up for the Realtime Contest, you are welcome to attend the practice session and dinner on Tuesday
  • Usually everyone’s files are printed and ready for grading by 3:30 in the afternoon

Find more information on the Realtime Contest here.

Results are announced at the awards luncheon Saturday, July 29, 11:30 a.m.- 1 p.m. (Also check online at after 1 p.m.)

Read about last year’s contests and winners.