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Members Matter Meetings to kick off Aug. 29

The NCRA Board of Directors will be launching the first of a potential series of recurring Members Matter Meetings on Tues., Aug. 29 from 8-9 p.m. Eastern. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a platform for members to address their questions, concerns, and recommended solutions directly to the Board of Directors.

While the meeting will be open to all NCRA members to attend and observe, only the first 25 registrants will be eligible to present their questions, concerns, and recommended solutions for up to a two-minute period of time. Questions, concerns, and recommended solutions must be submitted at the time of registration. If your topic is not addressed during the meeting, your submission may be submitted through the Learning Center for future consideration.

Members who wish to participate in or attend the August Members Matter Meeting can register at the NCRA Learning Center. You can submit your questions, concerns, and recommended solutions once you register. Questions, concerns, and recommended solutions are optional. Registration will close at 5 p.m. Eastern on Tues., Aug. 29.

The Board of Directors is giving this opportunity to members to have their voices heard about what NCRA can do better as a membership organization to protect and promote the profession.

The Board of Directors will be in a listen-only position for the meeting. Once the meeting is complete, the Board of Directors will discuss the ideas and solutions presented by the members and evaluate next steps, budgetary and timing issues for implications, and how the ideas might fit into the strategic planning and direction of the organization.

“This process is meant to be a creative and constructive one, and we will expect professional and respectful participation. Discussion of pricing, naming specific companies, and criticizing individual members, individual staff, or the individual Board members will not be tolerated. All participating individuals will be expected to adhere to these and other rules of conduct,” said NCRA President Kristin M. Anderson, M.A., RPR, FCRR, an official court reporter from Denton, Texas.

“We anticipate these meetings to be similar to a city council or board of education meeting where participants give their concerns and the members of the Board of Directors actively listen so that we can take the issues raised to the Board of Directors table for discussion,” added NCRA Vice President Cindy Isaacsen, RPR, an official court reporter from Shawnee, Kan.

“We feel strongly that the membership wants to be heard – as they should – and holding Members Matter Meetings is a really great first step,” Isaacsen noted.

“With the amount of negativity in the world and on social media, NCRA is providing this opportunity for a collaborative and positive knowledge-sharing experience to make our community better. We hope you will participate and bring your solutions to the table,” Anderson added.

Reminder that registration for the Members Matter Meeting will close at 5 p.m. on Aug. 29, Eastern.