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NCRA kicks off its 125th Anniversary

This year marks NCRA’s 125th Anniversary, and to help celebrate this event the Association has launched a special 125th Anniversary web page. The new page features an array of materials showcasing the history of the Association from its inception as the National Shorthand Reporters Association to today’s National Court Reporters Association.

“Celebrating the 125th, our quasquicentennial, anniversary is a monumental mark in history. NCRA celebrating 125 wonderful years of existence is a true testament to the important role stenographic court reporters play in the judicial and captioning venues where capturing the spoken word is a vital skill that involves dexterity and precision,” said NCRA President Kristin M. Anderson, M.A., RPR, FCRR, an official court reporter from Denton, Texas.

“It also reflects the expansion and growth of the profession from yesterday’s pen writers to the skills of today’s realtime writers who stream text instantaneously in the legal setting and who provide communication access of the spoken word to those in the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities,” she added.

Visitors to the 125th Anniversary page can download a special 125th Anniversary commemorative logo developed to recognize the event and be incorporated into all marketing and communications materials produced throughout 2024. The logo includes the tagline: “Celebrating 125 years of accuracy and integrity.” Other items include a downloadable timeline tracking the Association’s history, a number of interesting articles from years past, and information about how members can share with others through the JCR magazine about their careers, their membership in NCRA, and more.

The 125th Anniversary logo has also been made available to NCRA’s Merchandise Store so that members can order customized clothing and gift items to celebrate the event.

“I know that collectively we embrace that this profession will continue to thrive as our unique set of skills continues to be recognized as ingenuity that cannot be replaced by other means of capturing the spoken word so accurately,” Anderson added.

Founded in 1899 as the National Shorthand Reporters Association, the organization was renamed in 1990 the National Court Reporters Association. Throughout the years, other changes have included moving from pen writers to the steno machine, the introduction of new technology to aid in providing realtime, the offering of captioning and CART services, the addition of new certifications and other programs, and more.

During the coming months, those and other accomplishments will be showcased not only in the JCR print magazine, but also in the JCR Weekly and in conjunction with Court Reporting & Captioning Week happening Feb. 3-10, Volunteer Month in April, Celebrate Certification Month in May, and more.

Be sure to check back periodically to the 125th Anniversary page as more items will be added throughout the year.