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A secure connection for court reporters

The JCR provides newsworthy information on reporter-related products and technologies. This column is for readers to use in their research; neither NCRA nor the JCR endorse or critically review these products and services in any way. Statements of fact or opinion are the author’s unless they are specifically identified as NCRA policy.


Product:  MediaShair Wireless Media Hub w/SD card slot & USB port plus built-in power station

Manufacturer:  MediaShair Hub

Compatibility:  iPads, iPhones, Androids (via apps), and Windows 7, 8 (Windows Surface Pro).  Compatible with all CAT software.  Your CAT computer must have wireless or Ethernet capability.

Price:  $53 – $99.  Amazon has reduced pricing at $53 (as of Dec. 18, 2013)

Court and deposition functionality:  Share your exhibits and transcripts via your thumb drive or flash card with your clients.  The MediaShair Hub creates an off-line access point for your clients in court or depositions to access the relevant documents in the case, including videos.

Additional functionality:  If you are sending your realtime feed via a network, such as CaseViewNet and iCVN, the MediaShair Hub functions as your realtime router.  (Note: I have only tested this with Stenograph products, iCVN.)

Comments:  In an environment where Internet is not reliable or security is an issue, this product creates an off-line (non-cloud) environment for the litigator to access their relevant material during trial and deposition.  This product provides the technology necessary for the firm owner and the official court reporter to manage exhibits and transcripts for their client in a local environment.

Marketing Opportunities:  Scanning exhibits and uploading those exhibits transcripts to the MediaShair Hub via a thumb drive allows counsel and the Court to access documents in a paperless environment.  Witnesses also have access to exhibits during deposition and trial via their computer, iPad, or other media, supplied by you, the firm, and/or reporter.  Security in litigation is an issue.  This off-line network provides security for those cases where online access to documents may be mandated.

Rating:  Highly recommended is my personal rating when your reporting environment mandates a LAN or a secure environment off-line to access to relevant case documents.

For details about this product, visit here.


Sandy Bunch VanderPol, RMR, CRR, is a freelance reporter in Lotus, Calif., and a member of NCRA’s Technology Review Committee.