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NCRA member captions for parishioner

A recent article in the Catholic Herald describes how NCRA member Donna Linton has helped one of her clients more fully experience Sunday Mass by serving as a personal CART provider. Linton, RMR, CCR, works as a court reporter for Amicus Reporting in Ashburn, Va., and has provided CART services for Donna Gilbertson, who has been deaf since she was a year old as a result of a measles infection, for about 10 years, starting when Gilbertson was taking classes at Northern Virginia Community College. Linton continued to help Gilbertson with teacher-parent meetings for her children in school. This past April, Gilbertson asked Linton, a parishioner of St. Theresa Church in Ashburn, to be her personal CART provider for Mass. Linton accepted.

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