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Question of the Week is fun, informative

Photo by: Véronique Debord-Lazaro

In April, the JCR Weekly team introduced the Question of the Week. Each week, the membership gets an opportunity to answer a question with topics that range from “What is your primary dictionary?” to “How do you budget for your software/hardware?” to “What is your favorite part of the 4th of July?” The next week’s issue reveals the results from the previous week’s question.

While the interactive Question of the Week is meant to be fun – and the results are not statistically valid – NCRA staff has been able to turn a few of the questions into articles to help share the membership’s communal knowledge. NCRA members share their favorite tech gadgets, NCRA members share their favorite apps, and From captioning the pope’s visit to a bull auction, NCRA member shares her most unusual jobs were all articles that were originally inspired by a Question of the Week. The last example was prompted by a question posed by the New Markets Task Force. NCRA committees, task forces, and even individual members are invited to submit questions they would like to see in the newsletter.

The JCR Weekly team hopes you’ve enjoyed the Question of the Week and thanks you for participating. Do you have any feedback for us? Please share your thoughts at