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NCRA’s new online Sourcebook gives members the power of change

Visitors to NCRA’s Membership Booth at the recent Convention & Expo held in Chicago, Ill., earlier this month, had the opportunity to try out the newly upgraded online NCRA Sourcebook and experience firsthand the control the new platform provides them when it comes to having the ability to edit and update their listings anytime themselves.

The new online NCRA Sourcebook features a new look to how listings are displayed and a new redesigned membership search site that integrates directly with each record. Members can easily and quickly update their information online, including adding photos to their records and see any changes made in effect immediately. Users of the online Sourcebook can search by first and last name, company name, listing display name, city, state, and country. In addition, users have access to search fields for services, software, profession type, credentials, and number of miles surrounding a specific ZIP code.

This month, members are also receiving via mail the print version of the 2017 NCRA Sourcebook, which complements the new online version.  Both resources offer the perfect way for members to easily connect with other court reporters, captioners, legal videographers, and other related service providers. In addition, the print version of the NCRA Sourcebook is distributed at legal industry events and at conferences held for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

To check out your listing, visit the online NCRA Sourcebook.