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Pay it forward to the next generation by serving on the NCRA Board of Directors

Serving on NCRA’s Board of Directors does take commitment and work, according to current Director R. Max Curry, Jr., RPR, CRI, a firm owner from Franklin, Tenn. But mostly, Curry says, serving is just a way to “pay it forward to the next generation of reporters, all in an effort to continue to make this career all that it can be moving into the future.”

NCRA members interested in paying it forward to the next generation can nominate themselves or recommend someone to serve by submitting their endorsements to by Jan. 19. In addition, anyone interested in seeking future Board service can attend a no-obligation orientation webinar on Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. ET. This webinar will help you gain a better understanding of the process and expectations of serving on the Board. For more information about the orientation, contact

“What motivated me to step up to national service on this Board is a deep commitment to giving back to this great profession. I’ve been so truly blessed by my career, and in my view it would be a crime to take and take and take and not continue to give back,” Curry says.

“My greatest benefit professionally has been the new friendships that have developed from my service, not just on the Board but through committee service, as well as state representative visits and meeting reporters in other states around the nation. This all comes down to relationships and connecting with individuals for them to see how hard we’re working for them and for the future of our profession,” he adds.

As for what Curry would say to someone considering serving: “Just do it.”

“We need you, we need fresh ideas, fresh people thinking in ways and about things that we haven’t or that we’ve missed. That’s the greatest dynamic I see with new people coming on the Board or stepping up to committee service work … fresh ideas and fresh, energized approaches. You may have the next big idea that none of us saw or thought of,” Curry says.

For more information about nominating or recommending someone for service on the NCRA Board of Directors, visit As a courtesy, please contact your candidate directly prior to submitting his or her name.