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Inaugural industry leaders roundtable held

Aug. 2 marked the first meeting of the NCRA Industry Leaders Roundtable. Held in New Orleans, La., in conjunction with the 2018 NCRA Convention & Expo, the Roundtable was created to focus on knowledge-sharing and draw upon the unique insight and expertise of each of the leaders at the table to help guide the growth and advancement of the court reporting and captioning professions over the next 10 years.

As effective conversations are inclusive of all stakeholders affected by the subject matter, invitations to participate on the Roundtable went to the industry’s top thought leaders and decision-makers, including executives representing professions aligned with court reporting and captioning, government agencies, national companies that support the industry, academic institutions, other leaders whose organizations are influenced by the professions, as well as seasoned professional court reporters with many years of experience and historical insight.

The first meeting was well-attended, and the participants eagerly rolled up their sleeves to take on both the challenges and opportunities currently facing the industry. Robust conversation included topics such as the workforce shortage, aligning the skill sets with the cultures of the millennial and generation Z demographics, and more.

The Industry Leaders Roundtable members will meet several times per year and more participants will be invited. While this first meeting was an opportunity for the participants to become familiar with each other’s organizations and constituencies and the unique challenges each face, over time the Roundtable meetings will become all-day sessions to effectively accomplish the mission of the group.