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The Fast Lane

NCRA is proud to offer the Student Fast Lane program to recognize student speed accomplishments and graduates. This program was created at the suggestion of program administrators and teachers who were inspired by the large student turnout at the 2021 NCRA Conference & Expo. NCRA reaches out to all court reporting programs asking for their assistance in recognizing student speed accomplishments at the 150, 160, 180, 200, and 225 wpm speeds, as well as recent graduates.

Are your name and accomplishment missing? Ask your court reporting program to contact to be included in the next issue of Up-to-Speed.

150 wpm

Allegra McKenna — North Wales, Pa.           

160 wpm

Grace Carter — Springfield, Ohio
Krystle Young 
Jacey Samic
Laurel Loh — Northport, N.Y.
Jill Haefner — Pittsford, N.Y.
Belle Nelson — Madison, Wisc.
Austin Newton — Shiloh, Ill.
Anna Ruemelin — Burbank, Calif.
Mia Shrosbree — Boise, Idaho
Hayley Zahn — Hayden Lake, Idaho
Alicia Leers — Grand Prairie, Texas
Hanna Pate — Texarkana, Texas
Aaron Caldwell — Lodi, Calif.
Ever Conners — Rocklin, Calif.
Codie Cosgrove — Stockton, Calif.
Sarah DeLaRosa — Fresno, Calif.
Samira Rangel — Stockton, Calif.
Allison Savoy — Turlock, Calif.
Olivia Deptowicz — Brunswick, Ohio
Messo Ro — Pepper Pike, Ohio
Alanna F. Nelle — Collegeville, Pa.
Bethany Riley — Pittsburgh, Pa.

180 wpm

Kathryn Thorne — Jackson, Ohio
Jill Wright — Dublin, Ohio
Keli Lopez — Brentwood, N.Y.
Jessica Allen-Koontz — Los Angeles, Calif.
Kaylene Clayton — Creedmoor, N.C.
Jenny Dennis — Decatur, Ill.
Lydia Egan — Mobile, Ala.
Jeffery Grossman — St. Louis, Mo.
Stephanie Hofer — Henderson, Nev.
Kerri Huff — Barboursville, W.Va.
Carmen James — White Lake, Mich.
Vonda Mendez — Menifee, Calif.
Sarah Shaw — Omaha, Neb.
Brianna Shelton — Lithonia, Ga.
Jennifer Wolfert — Warminster, Pa.
Emily Cardenas — Edinburg, Texas
Ngia Her — Stockton, Calif.
Brianna Montano — Castaic, Calif.
Tiffany Salinas-Harwell — Gilroy, Calif.
Jonathan Santillan — Firebaugh, Calif.
Sara Skipper — Red Level, Ala.
Janice Willier — New Orleans, La.

200 wpm

Jacqueline Harris — Fresno, Calif.
Leanne Lepetsos — Lafayette, Colo.
Stephanie Oldeck — South Bend, Ind.
Veronica Perez — Charlotte, N.C.
Ashley Prieto — Charleston, S.C.
Katielynn Scanlon — Elizabethtown, Pa.
Mary Beth Adams       
Jennifer Wesner — Tucson, Ariz.
Whitney White — Clarksville, Tenn.
Erica Wofford — Smyrna, Ga.
Kati Dimarzio — St. Clair Shores, Mich.
Amy Rostkowski — Fraser, Mich.
Diana Makssoud — Dearborn Heights, Mich.
Marion Misuraca — St. Clair Shores, Mich.
Amber Garcia — Mansfield, Texas
Andrea Aquino — Dublin, Calif.
Aubrie McKeever — Gilroy, Calif.
Haleema Saleh — Stockton, Calif.
Chantra Siggard — Modesto, Calif.
Madyson M. Montana — Leeper, Pa.

225 wpm

Kimberly Coltrain — Grayson, Ga.
Aimme Olson — Danville, Ill.

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