NCRA announces first A to Z Scholarship recipients

Winners of the first NCRA A to Z™  Scholarships have been announced. The recipients are students who have completed an NCRA A to Z ™ Intro to Steno Machine Shorthand program and are enrolled in a court reporting program. Scholarships in the amount of $500 have been awarded to the following students:

  • Stacie Cain, a student at the College of Court Reporting in Valparaiso, Ind.;
  • Tonya L. Cross-Casado of San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas;
  • Jennie Dunlap, a student at Hardeman School of Court Reporting and Captioning in Tampa, Fla.;
  • Camryn Dunne, a student at Des Moines Area Community College in Newton, Iowa.;
  • Alicia Floerchinger, a student at Alfred State College in Alfred, N.Y. “I took the NCRA A-Z program in hopes to get a feel for the machine before starting school. Not only was I able to experience that, but the A-Z program taught me key combinations, along with how to write the alphabet on the steno machine. Having this knowledge made me feel confident in my first semester of court reporting. The A-Z program was the greatest opportunity I had before pursuing my career in court reporting.”
  • Marie Forman, a student at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “After years of working retail, I wanted a change, but wasn’t sure what career would be right for me. At the NAIT open house, I was intrigued by captioning and court reporting, but still knew very little about them. It was the NCRA A to Z program that really got me interested in pursuing stenography further, and it also helped me keep up with the first few weeks of a very fast-paced college course.”
  • Jennifer Gale, a student at Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pa.;
  • Jana Oelbaum, a student at Long Island Business Institute, Commack, N.Y. “I can’t speak highly enough about the NCRA A to Z program, and I recommend it to anyone who is curious about the court reporting profession.   Not only was the material presented in clear and organized lessons, but we also got to hear from working professionals and ask questions of them during live web seminars.  I am certain that my participation and completion of this course put me at a great advantage once I enrolled in my first theory class at school.   I was already familiar with the steno machine, the steno alphabet, and how to write basic words which those letters and keystrokes make.”;
  • Diego Ramirez, a student at San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas. “The A-Z Program was a wonderful introduction into the professional world of court reporting for me.”; and
  • Karlye Walton, a student at Des Moines Community College, Newton, Iowa. “Nothing could have prepared me or helped solidify my decision more than participating in the A to Z program. I strongly encourage anybody interested in this career path to participate in this class beforehand!”

To be eligible to apply for the NCRA A to Z™ Scholarship, students must meet the criteria below: 

  • Have completed an NCRA A to Z™ Intro to Steno Machine Shorthand program;
  • Have received an NCRA A to Z™ Certificate of Completion;
  • Have attained an exemplary academic record;
  • Have passed one skills test writing 60-100 words per minute at the time of submission.

For more information on the NCRA A to Z™ Scholarship, please contact the Education Department at

NCRA announces 2019 CASE Student Scholarships

NCRA has announced the winners of the 2019 CASE (Council on Approved Student Education) Student Scholarships. The winners were chosen based on their winning entries in an essay writing contest. The essay question was “Describe the importance of earning your Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) certification as a new professional.”

Each year, CASE awards five scholarships to students who attend an NCRA-approved court reporting program. To be eligible to apply, students must also hold a student membership in NCRA, have attained an exemplary academic record, and passed one skills test writing at between 140 and 180 words per minute. Students are also required to submit a speed verification form, three recommendation forms, a copy of their most recent transcript, and an essay in response to a topic chosen by members of CASE.

Philip A. Dawson

Philip A. Dawson, a student at the Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pa., secured the top spot by winning the $1,500 scholarship. “I am honored to be a recipient of the CASE Student Scholarship. My training as a court reporter has been a life changing experience. The teachers and reporters I have met along the way have been truly great people that earnestly want me to succeed and I am grateful for their support,” he said. “This scholarship is a testament to their support and a tremendous help to me and my family, as it will aide in the transition from school to my new career as a court reporter and will allow us to care for our needs while also enable us to spend value time in our volunteer work.”

Lora Zabiran

Recipient of the $1,000 scholarship was Lora Zabiran, a student at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. “Winning this scholarship has made me feel included and not forgotten being only the second Canadian recipient so far,” said Zabiran. “I am honored by being chosen, and I’m thankful for the prize.”

Julie Layton

Julie Layton, a student at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, said she was both thrilled and honored to be the recipient of a $750 scholarship. “This award is helping to pay for my start-up equipment which a great start to my career,” she said. “Thank you for this opportunity you have given me.”

Patricia Lopez

The essay written by Patricia Lopez, a student at the College of Court Reporting, Valparaiso, Ind., earned her a $500 CASE scholarship. “Receiving the scholarship will help me accomplish my dream of becoming a court reporter and will provide me the opportunity to create a better life for my family,” she said. “I love the court reporting profession, and it is truly an honor to be part of this community,” Lopez added.

Lydia Palcuk, a student at MacCormac College, Chicago, Ill., was awarded a $250 scholarship. In her essay, Palcuk wrote that earning her RPR is a goal she cannot wait to accomplish. She recently passed her 180 words per minute speed and noted that she loves getting to see the progress she is making every day through her hard work.

Lydia Palcuk

“As important as it is to get through school, looking toward the goal of becoming a RPR is also vital,” Palcuk wrote. “I want to be as certified as I possibly can be in my career, and that is why getting the RPR means the world to me. When you earn that certification, you have the confidence to know you are accredited I your career.”

The winners will be recognized at an awards luncheon being held at NCRA’s 2019 Convention & Expo being held Aug. 15-18 in Denver, Colo.

For more information about the CASE Scholarships, contact Ellen Goff, NCRA Assistant Director, Professional Development at, or visit

Eileen Beltz from College of Court Reporting honored with 2017 CASE Award

Jeff Moody, president of the College of Court Reporting, accepted the award on Beltz's behalf.

Jeff Moody, president of the College of Court Reporting, accepted the award on Beltz’s behalf.

Eileen Beltz, CRI, CPE, an instructor at the College of Court Reporting in Valparaiso, Ind., was honored with the 2017 Council on Approved Student Education (CASE) Award of Excellence. The announcement was made at a special awards luncheon held during the NCRA Convention & Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., Aug. 10-13. Beltz is from Avon, Ohio.

NCRA’s CASE Award of Excellence recognizes the important role student education plays in the court reporting profession and honors educators for their dedication, outstanding achievement, and leadership. Recipients are nominated by an NCRA member.

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Steve Zinone visits College of Court Reporting, inspires students

Steve at CCR_resizedBy Natalie Kijurna

College of Court Reporting (CCR) was pleased to host Stephen Zinone, RPR, Canandaigua, N.Y., President of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), as a guest speaker at their location in Hobart, Ind., on June 10. Zinone was treated to a tour of CCR’s facilities, which ended in a state-of-the-art conference room where he spoke to faculty, staff, and students, both on-site and online, about the history of the profession, including the immense technological advances, the importance and relevance of court reporting in today’s world, and the awesome job outlook. Before he left, Zinone took pictures with students and staff and shared his business card with everyone present, letting them know he was available via phone or email anytime someone had a question. After surveying students, it was clear Zinone’s visit was a huge hit, not only because he was informative, but he was quite motivational with a dash of humor as well! An awesome combination!

College of Court Reporting was the first online program in the country to be certified by NCRA. With the help of CCR’s minute-by-minute evaluation method, the College now maintains one of the highest graduation rates amongst court reporting schools nationally. For more information on CCR, contact Nicky Rodriquez, director of admissions, at 866-294-3974.

Natalie Kijurna is the alumni and employer relations coordinator at the College of Court Reporting. She can be reached at

Court reporting and captioning club raises funds, builds camaraderie

IMG_1072_BFor a group of students from the court reporting program at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), in Cleveland, Ohio, what started as an effort to individually raise money to help them get to the 2015 NCRA Convention & Expo in New York City led to the launch of a formal Court Reporting and Captioning Club. The club now includes 50 members and growing, according to Kristina Carmody, one of the club’s founders.

“Fundraising can only be done on the campus if you are a part of an officially recognized club for organizational purposes. Now we have the ability to hold more fundraisers to accomplish our goals and share the proceeds with more of the students in the program,” said Carmody, who helped establish the club along with fellow students Blanca Flores Robinson, Karen Herr, Suzy Rafferty, and Amy Williams.

And share the proceeds they have. In celebration of NCRA’s 2016 Court Reporting & Captioning Week held Feb. 14-20, the club was able to host a meet-and-greet event that featured NCRA President Steve Zinone as keynote speaker. Zinone, RPR, an official court reporter from Pittsfield, N.Y., spent most of the day with the Tri-C students before formally presenting a keynote address. He spoke of his own professional career background, encouraged students to keep striving to succeed in their program, and gave them tips to help reach their goal of a golden ring of opportunities.

“It is always an honor and a privilege to speak to students and encourage them and explain to them the many opportunities there are in our industry for professional court reporters, stressing to reach for that golden ring because it does exist,” said Zinone. “It is imperative to connect with our students and impress upon them that all of us at one time or another experienced bumps in the road as we progressed through school and that through hard work, determination, proper mentorship, and instruction, they too will matriculate and become successful court reporters.”

According to Carmody, the main purpose of the club now is to rally students who want to learn more about the field and have a passion for court reporting. The club allows members to participate in activities that foster student success, provide a sense of support and community, aid with fundraising efforts, and offer networking opportunities.

Club members also work to promote interest in the court reporting and captioning fields as well as engage in activities that build their skills and knowledge before entering the field, Carmody said.

“The camaraderie among members of the club is inspiring and motivational, keeping us all focused on our ultimate success and goal of becoming captioners and court reporters,” said Carmody. “Planning events to connect the club members with working professionals has been exciting. Those are the biggest benefits.”

IMG_1084_B“Tri-C is an exceptional program, with exceptional instructors and dedicated students,” said Zinone. “Visiting Tri-C was very special to me because having met some of the students at last year’s Ohio Court Reporters Association’s convention in Columbus, and then again at NCRA’s annual convention in New York in August, I have been very fortunate to spend quality time with them during their matriculation through school. It was a great opportunity to spend time with them during Court Reporting and Captioning Week. They really are a special group and have helped me enjoy my year as NCRA President because our visits are really priceless,” he added.

In addition to his visit to Tri-C, Zinone also participated in a presidents’ roundtable in celebration of 2016 Court Reporting & Captioning Week. The roundtable, hosted by the College of Court Reporting in Hobart, Ind., was moderated by the school’s president Jeff Moody and was made available to court reporting students from all schools via the college’s Blackboard Collaborate system.

Joining Zinone on the panel were Tonya Kaiser, RPR, CMRS, a freelance reporter from Fort Wayne and president of the Indiana Court Reporters Association; Susan Gee, RMR, CRR, a freelance reporter from Cincinnati and president-elect of the Ohio Court Reporters Association; and Kathy McHugh, RPR, CRR, a freelance reporter from Philadelphia and president of the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association.

More than 30 participants joined the discussion to hear what the panelists had to say about the greatest challenges they faced in court reporting school and how they overcame them. They also discussed how they were motivated to become leaders within their associations, the benefits of membership at the state and local levels, and the importance of certification.

“We are all former students, and I’m sure we all remember a working reporter speaking to us as students and making a positive impression, which created optimism and motivation for us as we progressed through our studies as court reporters in training,” Zinone said.


What Tri-C students had to say about Zinone’s visit and keynote address:

“I’ve never been so motivated to practice after hearing someone’s life experiences.”

“Thank you for asking Steve Zinone to come speak with us. He was very informative and interesting!”

“I really enjoyed Stephen Zinone’s talk today! Thanks to all who made it possible and for including distance learners who couldn’t be there in person. I took so many great things away from it!”

“We greatly appreciated Mr. Zinone taking his time to come and share his experiences and tips for success in school and in the field. I look forward to seeing him in Chicago at the NCRA Conference!”

“Steve is really very inspiring and down to earth! I’m so glad I could be there.”

College of Court Reporting offers awards to students

The College of Court Reporting in Hobart, Ind., recently awarded almost $21,000 in professional scholarships to nine recent graduates. The scholarships give the graduates the opportunity to enhance their realtime skills, obtain professional certification, continue their education, and purchase equipment/software. CCR provided the scholarships through monies received under the 2012 Training for Realtime Writers Grant through the U.S. Department of Education.

The recipients are: Bob Strohl, Easton, Pa.; Jennifer McKay, New Lenox, Ill.; Erika Darnold, Robinson, Ill.; Gina Powell, Northport, Ala.; Andrea Dalsing, Oswego, Ill.; Laura Post, Manassas, Va.; Amy Schleinz, Wasau, Wis.; Marie Tibaldi, Easton, Pa.; and Laura Shapiro, Aurora, Ill..

Award winners were selected based on an essay contest that asked students to respond to two prompts — one on the importance of professionalism and another on using CCR’s skill development software, ev360 Professional, to earn realtime certification.

The art of courtroom reporting

An article posted May 16 in the Post Tribune Suntimes showcases the art of court reporting. The article includes an interview with Angela McCullough, a student at the College of Court Reporting in Hobart, Ind. McCullough, who is scheduled to graduate this summer, explains how court reporters use the keys on their steno machines to create words. The article also highlights the history of the College of Court Reporting and notes that there is a national shortage of court reporters.

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New products and services

vendor_photoThe purpose of this section is to provide newsworthy information on reporter related products and technologies. This column is for our readers to use in their research. NCRA does not endorse or critically review these products and services in any way. The following briefs were provided by the companies and manufacturers. This section is a recurring feature, and the JCR invites parties interested in making announcements to send their news items to JCR advertising and editorial coordinator Amy Law at


800-251-5529 /

Acculaw has been in business for 28 years, and for the past 20 years, it has provided billing and scheduling software for agencies that want to manage their business in a more efficient and easier way. Acculaw’s recently released version of its software is now Web-based and compatible with the latest Windows operating systems. EZ Schedule, one of the software features, produces a printed schedule on confirmed and unconfirmed jobs for any date range, as well as job announcements for subcontractors via email, smartphone, or computer. EZ Invoice produces invoices, past due bills, and statements in each company’s own format. In addition, it produces commission amounts for a company’s subcontractors automatically. EZ Store produces content complete with descriptions such as ordered, completed, delivered, and notes from agency, client, and subcontractors. EZ Manage generates many reports, including by amounts, time constraints, and performance. EZ Share uses free software to send compressed/encrypted content to clients.



800-800-1759 /

The Passport Touch, the newest innovation from Advantage Software, made its debut at NCRA’s 2013 Convention & Expo. The Touch offers a touch screen that can be tucked away while writing, a built-in microphone, a keyboard with adjustableheight vowel, and StenoMagic keys, not to mention sleek lines and a broad skin selection. In addition, the Touch allows the user to visibly track shadows and adjust the sensitivity of keys in the middle of a job. It has built-in Bluetooth and wifi, 32 GB of memory, and multiple audio backups for extra security. Advantage also displayed the Touch’s Re-Writer, which lets the user change antistacking and key-sensitivity settings even after writing a job – and automatically rewrites it with the new settings. Eclipse can run on a Windows 8 tablet that fits perfectly atop the writer. Finally, the Passport Touch comes with free software upgrades.


302-864-0664 /

Deposition summary provider Aptara professionally summarizes more than 400 transcripts per day for court reporting companies nationwide. The company also summarizes medical records for its court reporting clients. According to company representatives, Aptara brings its medical legal expertise to negligence, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, disability, environmental, medical device, pharmaceutical, toxic tort, class actions, and multidistrict litigation. Aptara routinely prepares detailed, targeted, and price-effective medical record summaries, including:

  • Clean and organized scans of medical records
  • Medical bills itemized by provider
  • Medical record timelines
  • Medical care summaries

Aptara will customize medical records summaries depending on the specific needs of the case or project and phase of litigation, ensuring comprehensive analysis.


866-294-3974 /

The College of Court Reporting’s ev360 Professional platforms offer students and working professionals an educationally sound and proven approach to skill and speed development. According to company representatives, v360 Professional is the product of more than 30 years of authentic court reporting educational practices. The platform was designed and developed by highly trained educators and professionals who are responsible for producing hundreds of successful court reporters and realtime writers.


212-233-4040 /

inSync Litigation Support unveiled its synchronized litigation support offering to the New York City area. inSync’s synchronized streamlined processes, which are aligned with a case’s lifetime and allow trial attorneys to remain focused on a winning litigation strategy, ensure better productivity and improved cost-efficiencies for plaintiff and defense attorneys, paralegals and legal secretaries at law firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and financial institutions.

inSync’s offerings include process service, court clerical, investigations, efiling, concierge, customized services, and courier services, each available a la carte or as an integrated package. inSync covers the steps in a case’s lifetime by initiating the case and supporting all the essential filings and appearances. This includes buying an index number in court or electronically; serving a complaint or subpoena; filing an affidavit; tracking the case; conducting investigations, such as signups and skip traces; filing, copying and retrieving motions, notices, and judgments; and providing daily pickup and delivery services.



MyRealtimeCoach simultaneously launched new Certifi cation Prep resources, Web videos, and monthly payment options at the NCRA Convention & Expo in Nashville.

MyRealtimeCoach is designed to help reporters and students Start Smart, Build Speed & Accuracy, and Be Confi dent through effective practice. New features in the latest release include Daily Warmup, practice sessions served up each morning to start the day off right; Prescriptive Plan, a guided, six-week plan to prepare users for their next certifi cation; and mySpeedPath, a visual dashboard that helps you set and achieve your own goals. According to company co-founder Jared Carman, when Realtime Coach launched in 2006, myRealtimeCoach quickly became the single best way to prepare for a skills test, and now boasts thousands of members worldwide and more than 1.6 million hours logged. In addition, the company claims that 78 percent of those who pass a skills test have used


800-966-1221 /

ProCAT introduced the Impression II writer at the NCRA’s 2013 Convention & Expo. The Impression II writer offers a mini keyboard so that users can input global entries into the job dictionary directly on the machine without the need for a computer. The Impression uses a screen like an iPad — simply swipe a fi nger across the screen or double tap an outline to lineup either steno or English after searching. With shallow stroke and complete redesign of the keys, ProCAT has developed a light touch for the user. The Impression can use up to 64 Gig SD cards. The Impression II also offers hidefi nition stereo audio recording.

In addition, ProCAT introduced Case- Pad, which allows users to send a realtime feed directly and wirelessly to an iPad.


650-544-2147 / /

RB Web Mobile On allows users to give clients their transcripts and other information on their mobile devices. While it acts like an app on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, it is actually accessed through the browser, making it easier for an agency’s clients to fi nd. Instead of searching through an app store, users type in a URL. They can then bookmark the page to their mobile device’s home screen. Whenever they click the icon, it opens what looks and acts like an app but is really a mobilized website. In addition to its low-hassle factor, it also requires less power to run than an app. Benefi ts for agencies include the lower cost of one RB Web extension versus one for each mobile OS (currently iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone), and there are no installation, update, or maintenance issues.

OMTI’s other court reporting business applications include RB offi ce management software, RB Web online offi ces including case repositories, a PDF transcript creator, and mobile apps.


800-323-4247 /

Stenograph announced three new color options for its top-selling Diamante – Blue My Mind, Black to Basics, and Totally Red-ical. These stylish colors, along with Lunar White, make up the writing machines’ current color choices. The Blue Ice and Platinum Gray Diamante writers will still be available while supplies last. “Already on the market for the past four years, the Diamante has proven to be one of the most dependable writing machines Stenograph has ever produced,” says Judy Wolf, Stenograph’s product manager. “Time and time again we’ve heard users of the Diamante experience cleaner writing, higher productivity, and decreased errors and less fatigue at the end of the day.” Current Diamante owners may modify the top shell and lid of their writing machine to one of the new colors by contacting the company for further information.


508-753-9282 /

The Varallo Group offers a network of first-rate reporters to cover tough assignments anywhere in the world, according to company representatives. The Varallo Group’s suite of business development services also can help secure a brighter future within budget. The company’s business advisors present solutions to increase their clients’ bottom lines. As a company founded by court reporters, The Varallo Group understands both the current needs of the clients of court reporting services and the tools they’ll need to grow and evolve in the future. The Varallo Group provides agency management services, administrative support, business development strategies and training, website development, and online campaigns that compliment and strengthen individual efforts. Freelance reporters and fi rm owners alike can grow their business – or enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

Specializing in networking agency- to-agency assignments, The Varallo Group’s reporters offer clients the utmost professionalism by delivering the deposition or trial transcript services, whether interactive realtime or draft transcripts, expedited delivery, videography, and expert testimony.

Products & Services Spotlight

NCRA’s Virtual Exhibit Hall

The purpose of this article is to provide newsworthy information on reporter-related products and technologies. This column is for our readers to use in their research; NCRA does not endorse or critically review these products and services in any way. The following briefs were provided by the companies and manufacturers.

The JCR plans to make this section a recurring feature in the magazine. The JCR invites parties interested in making announcements to send their news items to JCR advertising and editorial coordinator Amy Law at

RealLegal Management Tools

800-548-3668 /

RealLegal provides transcript management tools to court reporting firms, freelance reporters, official reporters, courts, and law firms. Developed with input from both court reporting and legal professionals, these products fit into the workflow of the litigation process. The result is greater efficiency, lower costs, and more opportunity for growth. RealLegal E-Transcript technology is the benchmark for electronic transcripts, and the standard delivery format for litigators nationwide. E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, allow for custom formatting, and offer the security of a tamperproof, electronic signature. The free E-Transcript Viewer is all that’s needed to view an E-Transcript. E-Transcript files are also compatible with Case Notebook and other popular litigation software.


302-864-0664 /

No company summarizes more depositions than Aptara. With more than 400 transcripts summarized per day for the largest court reporting companies nationwide, and more than 5 million transcript pages to date, no one comes close.

Toxic tort. Medical device. Products liability. Negligence. Social Security. Workers comp.

If your clients report to partners, claims managers, general counsel, steering committees, or prepare for settlement or trial, they need deposition summaries. A deposition summary is a concise and objective abstract used by lawyers, and it remains at the core of their case preparation. Your clients are under increasing pressure to cut legal expenses, and Aptara’s ability to provide professionally prepared, cost-effective deposition summaries with quick turn-around not only saves them time and money but also gives you an added profitable service that’s in demand.

Aptara’s led by an experienced trial lawyer who knows the importance of valuable discovery and case management solutions. The company creates summaries that meet varied practice needs, and company officials report that competitively priced medical record summaries are also available.


800-975-7712 /

Be more productive in sending and sharing files with Attachmore. Each day brings the common problem of emailing large audio files or huge .pdf exhibits. Email limits how much you can attach. Other online storage services are often too cumbersome. Attachmore makes it easy with a simple “right click” on a file or folder to upload, company officials report. The Attachmore software uploads the selection and presents a download link, which users can easily email with their preferred email program. Recipients are able to open the email and click the download link to retrieve the sent files without logins or visiting other websites. Simplify your digital life and be more professional in your file communications.

College of Court Reporting

866-294-3947 /

College of Court Reporting launched its latest innovation, ev360 Professional Development and Continuing Education. The PDCE program is designed to provide the general public with educational and professional development, continuing education, and resources, to ensure that all learners have access to post-secondary and continuing education, the working world, and life-long learning. Its purpose is to further develop and implement research-based curricula that are aligned with industry standards in order to improve individual achievement and professional growth. It is the goal of PDCE to ensure the highest quality education for all learners, facilitated by skilled and professional educators who are supported by CCR personnel, according to company officials. Recent approval from the Indiana Board of Education, makes CCR the first college to offer programs that consists of a Living Open Online Curriculum (LOOCs) for both instructors and students. This program will also be the first court reporting program to award online Badges for students who demonstrate skill and knowledge as a result of completing any of the courses through ev360 PDCE.

Courtroom Connect

Courtroom Connect’s new and innovative video conferencing package, Cameo Video Systems, is a unique conferencing package that allows court reporters, lawyers, legal aids, and other professionals to instantly connect through a secure video conference solution. Unlike other video conferencing products, Cameo Video Systems is a unique bundled package exclusive to CameoCall participants, and can connect using any device: video conference systems, PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

Court Reporter Reference Books & CDs /

Court Reporter Reference Books & CDs is a proven leader providing training and test prep material for court reporting students, novice, or veteran reporters, CART providers, and captioners. Users will learn why answers are correct or incorrect, the company reports.

Court reporters can study essential details to pass state and national certification written exams with a textbook, workbook, and a companion study guide, or study with the Court Reporter Reference Tutorial CD if preferred. The goal of the materials is to have users test only once, and the company reports that students and reporters have a 95 percent success rate advancing their credentials and passing tests.

Monette Benoit, the Court Reporting Whisperer, has provided oneon- one tutoring and empowerment coaching for more than 20 years. Are you stuck in school or desire to create new goals at work? Monette will confidentially assist clients with specific, custom-designed guidance. includes testimonials, multiple products, CATapult Your Dictionary CDs, services, and articles Monette has written for the JCR in her monthly column.

877-988-DEPO / has been a partner to court reporting agencies throughout the United States for a decade. The latest offering from DepositionConferencing.Com is Looking Glass Depo, a fully remote deposition attendance service including video streaming, web conferencing, text streaming, and HD audio conferencing in one easy-to-use package for attorneys and court reporters. Combining best of breed technology with industry proven solutions, Looking Glass Depo allows required attendees to be a part of the proceeding without having to travel to the actual location.


Is your job in jeopardy? Are you looking for something new or perhaps just need additional income?

The landscape for court reporters is shifting these days, but as a CART provider, you can increase your marketability and enhance your earning potential. Reporters nationwide are taking on full and part-time careers in the world of Computer Aided Realtime Translation.

Very specific skills and knowledge are needed for these CART positions, and Divinescripts LLC, is one of the industry leaders in training and preparing judicial reporters for the world of CART. The company reports that it is currently offering the only online training program available to get interested reporters started.

The world of CART is growing — and fast. CART providers are in great demand all over the country — and worldwide. Opportunities are available in many arenas. CART providers can demand salaries on par with judicial reporters while often enjoying the freedom of freelancing and even working remotely from their home office.

Integrated Realtime Solutions

Integrated Realtime Solutions, Inc., is a startup company whose mission is to combine and simplify the technology in court reporting, based on the belief that court reporters shouldn’t have to double as computer technicians. The company’s main product line centers around a series of customizable kits that provide reporters or agencies with a stream-lined, easy-to-use, and configuration-free solution for providing realtime to clients. Integrated Realtime Solutions offers flexible options for purchase, lease, and rental of kits, and also partners with other providers in the industry to integrate complementary products and services to provide a complete solution for realtime needs. Support and training are included to ensure that products function exactly as required in the demanding court reporting industry, company officials note.

Starting in New York City with planned expansion across the country, Integrated Realtime Solutions can supply an on-site tech to provide and set up equipment for large jobs.

Karasch & Associates


Karasch & Associates is a court reporting firm that has been in business for more than 30 years. In addition to providing court reporting and captioning services throughout the United States, Karasch & Associates also provides a mentoring program for graduating court reporters and captioners.

Graduating from court reporting school is very exciting but can be very scary as well. The company’s mentoring program is designed to give each student the confidence and professionalism they need to succeed in this exciting, fast paced world. As members of the Board of Orleans Technical Institute of Court Reporting, Karasch understands what the next step is for graduates.

The Karasch program offers students first-hand insight into depositions, arbitrations, and CART/captioning with our dedicated staff available to answer all questions. The goal is to put reporters at ease for a successful “live” experience.

Join the Karasch Mentoring program and become one of the many court reporters and CART captioners who have started their career with tenacity and confidence.


Lawser has launched its groundbreaking social network developed exclusively for the legal community. The new platform creates an interactive online hub where attorneys, law students, and those who service the legal industry can network, share best practices, and generate referrals.

Lawser is immediately available at no cost, and members of the legal community are encouraged to set up their personalized accounts at

Users simply and quickly create a profile highlighting their career experience and specialties. After building new connections through Lawser’s easy-to-use interface, users may send direct messages to individual community members or post to a newsfeed where members can request personal recommendations and provide referrals from everyone in their network.

“The idea behind Lawser is to create a central gathering place online where members of the legal community can connect,” said Lawser founder Marc Astor. “We constructed what we believe will be the best social networking site for lawyers and the larger legal community. As the site grows, Lawser will be an incredibly beneficial resource that provides tremendous value for legal professionals and ultimately their clients, worldwide.”

888-337-6411 / recently added a new product to its line of realtime deposition streaming solutions. Local Realtime is designed to wirelessly connect onsite deposition attendees to a court reporter’s realtime transcript. Local Realtime eliminates the hassle of extra cables or adapters, is iPad and Android tablet compatible, and integrates with all litigation realtime and CAT software.’s local and web-based streaming deposition solutions remove the need for bulky cords or expensive hardware and gives court reporters the ability to take depositions in a safe and secure environment.

Magnum Steno Club

Magnum Steno Club is a popular online location where reporters and students go to gain speed and accuracy. The testimonials page is jam-packed with letters from excited people who have seen great results from the Magnum Steno Club and the principles and teachings of its founder, Mark Kislingbury. There are more than 120 hours of dictation on the site and more than 1,000 videos. Dictation can be sped up or slowed down to virtually any speed. Around 100 instructional videos go into the mental side of court reporting. Hear all the principles that helped Mark to achieve a Guinness World Record 360 wpm — and you can apply those very principles to your own writing. Every weekday a new dictation video is posted. When you join the club, you gain access to every video on the site. Enjoy Mark’s inspirational, encouraging teaching style.

Martel Electronics

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Meet the world’s only Digital Recorder and Transcriber All ‘N One. Are you plagued by unreliable recording and transcription on your computer? If you are looking to simplify your world, this is the only way to go digital without the hassles of a computer. The unit operates like a tape recorder and tape transcriber. It has one button for start recording and one button for stop. When you are ready to transcribe, simply plug the foot pedal into the unit and it becomes a tape transcriber.


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Min-U-Script V. 4 offers a host of powerful new features that will deliver outstanding marketing opportunities and efficiencies in producing and delivering your work-product.

Features include casewide batching of all transcripts and/or linked exhibits onto one CD; customizable file hosting service for delivery of large files; automatic Insta-Linking of exhibits; casewide word index reports and Transcript Library Management Reports.

The company has a 23-year tradition of innovation and quality with more than 1,500 licensed users. Visitors are entitled to a free fullfeatured evaluation.

My Realtime Coach

MyRealtimeCoach has recently added two new packages to its already extensive array of exercises: Certification Prep and Live Court.

With the Certification Prep package, users can choose from Pace Yourself, Push Yourself, and Test Yourself. Learn to write through those end-of-test jitters with exercises that vary in length from one to eight minutes. Practice challenging material with variable speeds so you can handle anything on test day. Take actual past NCRA exams, and get instant feedback so you know when you’re ready.

Do you have what it takes to write for the U.S. Supreme Court? Now you can stretch yourself every morning with this brand-new package of U.S. Supreme Court proceedings. Arguments, questions, responses — all from the cases that make headlines. Choose from more than 250 exercises created from the actual courtroom audio recordings.

Just 15 minutes a day on myRealtimeCoach™ can lead to careerchanging improvements in speed and accuracy, the company reports.

New York Career Institute

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New York Career Institute’s New Captioning Lab features 10 fully equipped stations for teaching the basics of closed captioning and CART. As a continuing education program, NYCI offers this program to its current student body and professional reporters to help further enhance their realtime skills, as well as learn about closed captioning and CART.

OMTI/Reporter Base

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meTranscript (short for Mobil-Elite Transcript) is the latest service from OMTI, developers of ReporterBase business applications for marketing and managing court reporting businesses.

meTranscript gives lawyers their transcripts on smartphones or tablets in a format that maximizes legibility and ease of use while preserving the original ASCIIs page and line formatting.

Clients of court reporting agencies that offer meTranscript can access the service through RB Web Mobile Apps on their iPhone, iPad, or Android device, or on their laptop or desktop through a browser. On mobile devices, lawyers can highlight and make notes on transcripts, email their work to colleagues, and sync it with the master copy that resides on the agency’s RB web server.

Lawyers can do the same tasks through a browser as well, plus view related exhibits, video, and other files within the open transcript. And by syncing, they will always have the latest version when they open the transcript again whatever device they view it on.

OMTI’s other court reporting business applications include RB office management software and RB Web online offices, including case repositories, a PDF transcript creator, and mobile apps.


Stenograph will introduce Cloud, the newest feature for Case- ViewNet and iCVNet, at the NCRA convention in August. Case CATalyst users with a CaseViewNet license can use Cloud to enable clients to view their realtime transcript, whether they are in the same room or anywhere in the world. Cloud uses the Internet to expand the reach of CaseViewNet beyond the court room. Stenograph will be demonstrating CaseViewNet Cloud at the NCRA convention, Aug.8 – 11 in Nashville, Tenn.


Stenovations is now shipping its newest Classic LightSpeed writers. The new LightSpeeds are available in black, silver, and pink aluminum. New features include longer vowel keys that now have two sensors; wide asterisk and wide -DZ keys; a more robust USB connection; and upgraded state-of-the-art electronic components with redesigned circuitry to prevent electronic interference.

The state-of-the-art components and the redesigned circuitry combine to make the latest LightSpeed the most sensitive keyboard ever manufactured, company officials report.

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StreamText.Net’s newest platform, StreamText Legal, leverages the industry’s best communications platform, Adobe Connect, to create the most complete deposition platform on the market today. It delivers the highest level of security, reliability, and flexibility, company officials say. StreamTextLegal is a complete deposition solution that allows reporters to offer live video, realtime interactive transcripts, attendance reports, custom branding, evidence sharing, archiving of recorded depositions, private chat, video conferencing, and much more. More than just a deposition platform, StreamText Legal is built on Adobe Connect, which can be used as a central platform for all communication needs — not just depositions.

Designed to be easy to use for both the court reporter and the deposition participants, is cloud based, which means customers can access the platform from anywhere on almost any device. StreamText Legal is iPad, iPhone, and Android compatible.

The Varallo Group

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The Varallo Group, a trusted name in court reporting, brings outstanding personal attention with first-rate reporters, business development, and administrative services to match clients’ needs and budget.

The firm’s suite of services — including sales support, marketing, and website design — provide court reporters and court reporting firms a single source for all of their management, administrative, and business development needs, and strengthens their business growth efforts, and frees them up to enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

At The Varallo Group, we understand both the current needs of our clients and the tools they’ll need to grow and evolve in the future.

Owner Nancy Varallo is a veteran court reporter, educator, and business owner. As a provider of court reporters and management services to the industry, Nancy’s dedication to the profession reflects the company’s longstanding commitment to the time-honored values of quality, service, and accountability.

Visionary Legal Technologies

Visionary Legal Technologies (VLT) has been providing technology answers for the legal industry since the early ‘90s. VLT offers a complete line of production software to standardize, normalize and brand your transcripts and video for delivery to your clients in the most-used formats.

The V-Print product line provides court reporters and agencies with powerful tools to distribute high-impact, branded transcripts in digital and paper formats with no monthly fees. With our template method, you can customize and design each template once and use them forever, following the rules set by each jurisdiction. Digital signatures ensure secure transmission of transcripts between the court reporting agency and court reporters. Deliver unique transcripts in several formats, including full page and mini .pdfs, with word index. V-Print Pro delivers transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits in multiple formats.

Our Auto-Syncer was the industry’s first automated syncing tool. As such, it is the most trusted and accurate transcript-to-video synchronizing tool available on the market today. Visionary Auto- Syncer is a complete solution for creating and syncing files compatible with most trial presentation products, including Visionary 8 Pro.