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California student fights for CART as accommodation

The San Diego, Calif., ABC affiliate, 10News, reported that a Poway High School senior who is hearing impaired is suing the Poway Unified School District for not providing CART for her classes. According to the news report, the student, Delanie Harrington, and her parents requested CART as an accommodation before she was even a freshman at the school. Three years later, they continue to fight for assistance for her.

An earlier lawsuit ruled that the school district did not have to provide such accommodations for Harrington; however, the Ninth Circuit Court of appeals recently remanded a portion of the case back to theFederal District Court for further analysis of what the school districts are required to provide students under the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to a statement by the school district.

“Since instantaneous translation first became a reality for court reporters in the 1970s, NCRA members have been on the forefront of providing greater access to public events and services for people with hearing loss,” says Adam Finkel, NCRA’s assistant director of government relations. “We will continue to work with deaf and hard-of-hearing groups to pursue equal access for all Americans.”